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Q. About DriveHQ Web Hosting Service  Top

DriveHQ offers a low cost and easy-to-use web hosting service. It is included as part of DriveHQ Online Storage and Online Backup service. If you have ordered any storage-related service on DriveHQ, then you get free web hosting service. DriveHQ web hosting service's main selling points are: (1) It is included for free. By default, paid users automatically receive a website as:; True users can disable and re-enable their website to turn on their website. Web hosting service is not available to free users. (2) DriveHQ web hosting service is extremely easy. You can create your website files using any HTML authoring tool; you can then drag and drop the files to the wwwhome folder on You can use DriveHQ FileManager or any FTP client software to upload. FrontPage support is not needed.

NOTE: DriveHQ web hosting service does not support server-side scripting and database.

Q. Do I have to have a domain name in order to sign up the web hosting service?   Top

No. It is not necessary. You will get a sub domain of (ex: assigned to your website.

Q. What will be my website address?   Top

If you have a DriveHQ account, DriveHQ automatically gives you one free sub domain of (Ex: You can choose any user name which is not already taken. If you would like to have your own 2nd level domain you'll need to buy it from a Domain Registrar. DriveHQ supports custom domain websites and Custom domain email addresses. This way, your website can be accessed with your customized URL. E.g. if your domain name is then assume your web DNS name is and email domain is, then your website can be accessed with:

Q. Do you sell Domains?   Top

No. Not at this time. But we support custom domain Web / FTP / Email Hosting if you already have a domain name. Otherwise, you can order a domain name from a Domain Registrar company, such as or, etc.

Q. I want to setup a website, but I have no idea what I'm doing. Where do I start?   Top

DriveHQ offers some easy templates, you can use one of them to create your own website. You probably still need to know a little HTML, or you can outsource your website design to a consulting company. Once you have your HTML / website files ready, you can easily upload / copy these files to the wwwhome folder on

Q. How can I upload contents (HTML files, graphics files, etc.) of my new website?   Top

You can upload your website files using a Web Browser, DriveHQ client software (FileManager) or any FTP client. Using a web browser, you can only upload 5 files each time. It is recommended using DriveHQ FileManager, or FTP to upload files. You can drag and drop a lot of files / folders. Your website files are stored in the "wwwhome" folder in your account.

Q. What is the file name for my default home page?   Top

The default homepage file for DriveHQ web hosting is "home.htm" in the wwwhome folder. If you already have a website and if the default home page file is index.html, you can make a copy of index.html, then rename the copy to home.htm. Files in the wwwhome folder can be linked as:

Q. Can I upload / download my website files without installing any software?   Top

You can use DriveHQ FTP to upload / download your website files. You can type in "" in the address bar of Windows Explorer. Navigate to the wwwhome folder, "drag and drop" or "copy and paste" website files.

Q. What is the monthly download bytes?   Top

Monthly download bytes, sometimes referred as "bandwidth", is the amount of data that is downloaded from your account during one billing month. Your monthly billing date is the day of month when you signed up free service. Your "used download bytes" is reset to 0 on that day.

When users visit your website, they download files from your account. Thus it uses your account download bytes. If your website has a lot of large files, such as large image files, music files and video files, or if you have a lot of users accessing your website, you might need a lot of download bytes.

By default, free users cannot publish website on DriveHQ. True Accounts can publish websites on DriveHQ; however, True Accounts are still free service accounts and the maximum download bytes/month is quite small. If your website has a lot of activities, it is strongly recommended using our paid service. In general, if you order x GB storage space, your monthly download bytes is 4 times of x GB.

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