Features - WebDAV Drive

WebDAV Drive Mapping / Cloud File Server

DriveHQ's WebDAV service enables you to map your cloud storage as a network drive. Though many cloud-based drive mapping solutions have been deemed inefficient and unreliable, our enterprise WebDAV tool has been optimized to meet the needs of even the largest organizations.

  • Convenience

    Take away the learning curve by allowing your users to access DriveHQ content as if it were any other network drive.

  • Integrated Sharing

    Any folders shared on DriveHQ or changes made on collaborated content will be immediately available to users accessing material via mapped drive.

  • Direct Saving & Attaching

    Mapping a drive will allow you to directly save folders from your local machine and attach files to desktop clients like Outlook.

  • Cross Platform

    WebDAV is a standard protocol that works on PC, Mac, Linux and Mobile Devices. Use our WebDAV manual for specific details on how to connect.

  • File Versioning and Locking

    File Locking via WebDAV will prevent users from editing material that is currently being worked on by another user. File Versioning is supported across all DriveHQ services.

  • Security

    WebDAV supports HTTPS/SSL; data communication between the server and client is encrypted.