Features - Static Web Hosting

Host Static Websites, Files, Images, Video & Audio Contents

Static Website Hosting

DriveHQ offers a very simple static web hosting feature optimized for small businesses and non-profit organizations. It is included in our business cloud IT service for no extra fee. The advantage is: it is extremely easy. Users only need to create their web page files, then upload them to their "wwwhome" folder in the cloud. Please note DriveHQ only offers static web hosting. It supports static website files such as HTML, image, video, audio, XML, CSS and Javascript files. It does not support database and server-side technologies such as PHP, JSP and ASP, etc.

File and Content Hosting

Organizations can utilize our service to host large images, video, audio & music files and software installers for many people to download. DriveHQ has virtually unlimited network bandwidth. With our service, your files can be downloaded faster, and the cost is lower than other web hosting services, CDN services or AWS. Moreover, it is very easy to manage your files with DriveHQ FileManager client software.

Custom Domain Website Hosting

If you have an existing business website, and would like to migrate it to DriveHQ, you can use our Custom Domain Web Hosting Service. You must order a Business, Enterprise or Custom plan. Free service members cannot host websites/files on DriveHQ; personal (paid) members can host personal websites/files only.

Why DriveHQ Static Website/File Hosting Service?

First, it is extremely easy and simple. You don't need any knowledge about server hardware, virtual machine, operating system, web server software and programming language. There is no maintenance work such as installing OS and web server security patches or backup web servers, etc.

Second, the cost is very low. There is no initial setup fee. It is included in DriveHQ's cloud IT service. If you need a lot of bandwidth, DriveHQ's bandwidth price is significantly lower than AWS, and the pricing model is much simpler.

How to Host Static Websites or Files on DriveHQ?

Please note: Only paid members can publish. If you ordered a business or personal plan, please click the "Enable your website" button below if your website is not enabled.

You just need to upload your website files or other content files to your "\wwwhome" folder. Your default web page file is Home.htm. To use a different default web page, you can overwrite the default home.htm, or delete it and upload your own index.htm, index.html or default.htm.

You can then access your website at:


To access or link a file in the wwwhome folder, e.g. "\wwwhome\FOLDER1\FOLDER2\FILE1", you can use the following URL:


To upload or manage your website files, you can use DriveHQ FileManager client software, WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool or any 3rd party FTP client software such as FileZilla.