Features - Email Hosting

Low-cost Business Email Hosting & Outlook Backup Service

DriveHQ email hosting service is not for free members or Personal (Paid) members. It is designed for businesses. It offers a low-cost alternative to Microsoft Exchange server and other business email hosting services. You can setup your company email service instantly. DriveHQ supports SMTP, POP, IMAP and Webmail. You can continue using MS Outlook, smartphone or any email client software. Replace your in-house email server while keeping your company domain email addresses.

  • Create/Manage business email accounts with the Group Admin feature.
  • Manage your group email accounts and aliases, auto-reply and auto-forward emails, create mailing lists and online address books, share availability status (free/busy info), and customize webmail/website logo.
  • Send and receive large files; share files and folders using DriveHQ FileManager.

Email Hosting Service Details

  • Outlook and Mobile Email Access

    DriveHQ email server supports SMTP, POP, IMAP and Webmail. You can access your email account using any email client software or device. Please visit configuring DriveHQ email account on Microsoft Outlook/Office 365 and configuring DriveHQ email account on mobile devices

  • Group Email Service

    DriveHQ email hosting service is fully integrated with our Group Account service. You have all of the flexibility that comes with the Group Account feature when managing your sub-users' email accounts. Moreover, your sub-users can also access other DriveHQ cloud IT services (e.g. Cloud File Server, Online File Backup and Sharing, FTP Hosting and Web Hosting) for no extra charge.

  • Business Custom Email Domain

    To set up your business domain email addresses, you must have a domain name, or you can purchase a domain name from a domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy). From the domain registrar's website, you can add a DNS MX record. The MX record should point to DriveHQ's email server: mail.firstcloudit.com (or When it is done, you can log on to DriveHQ webmail to add your email domain to DriveHQ's email service.

  • Outlook Email Backup

    For backing up most file types, you can use DriveHQ Online Backup software; but for backing up MS Outlook emails, you can use DriveHQ EmailManager software. It can automatically back up your Outlook emails and contacts.

    Most other backup software can only back up Outlook PST files as a single file. It is very inefficient as it needs to upload/download a huge .PST file to backup/restore just a few emails. DriveHQ EmailManager is extremely efficient as it can incrementally backup/restore emails one by one. Your emails will be backed up to DriveHQ webmail. You can easily drag and drop emails between your local emails and cloud emails.