Solutions & Use Cases

DriveHQ's cloud solution can be optimized for businesses of any sizes

Enterprise Solution

Enterprise customers often have very demanding requirements. As the first cloud IT solution provider, DriveHQ's technologies have evolved and matured to meet the most demanding requirements of Fortune 500 enterprises:

  • We can help enterprises meet regulatory requirements such as HIPAA;
  • We guarantee 99.99% uptime in our service level agreement;
  • We offer advanced security features such as client-side data encryption, password policy, IP restriction, activity log and ACL-based fine granular access control;
  • We offer powerful account management tool;
  • We support Active directory integration and single sign-on;
  • We support group backup with “central remote backup management” tool;
  • We support custom logo and landing page; we support co-branded and white label service (Virtual Private Cloud service).
  • We support Hybrid Cloud service.
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Government Solutions

Many government offices have aging IT systems; with the tough economy, they have little funds to upgrade the system. Many government offices have looked at the cloud-based solutions. For them to use cloud based solutions, a cloud solution must meet the following requirements:

  • The system must be very secure for file sharing, with fine granular access control, such as ACL-based access control.
  • The system must support client-side data encryption. Not all data needs to be encrypted. But for the most confidential data, client-side data encryption is a must.
  • The system must be very easy to use, not only on individual account level, but also on the organization level. Most government employees are not tech-savvy, many of them are so used to their existing system that they don’t want changes.
  • The system must truly save the cost.

Over the years, we have seen more and more government offices using our service. These offices include Department of Transportation, public libraries, water districts, city governments, polices and new development bureaus.

The service they use range from file transferring service, group file sharing and collaboration service, WebDAV drive mapping, and cloud file backup services.

School Solutions

With DriveHQ’s solution, the university now has a powerful remote file server for all students and teachers, which allows them to easily share files and collaborate from anywhere. Not only did they save the initial hardware and software cost, but DriveHQ also reduces their maintenance and support cost. Plus, at only $4/user/month and with the special discount for non-profit organizations and schools, they were able to achieve 90% cost savings over competing services such as Dropbox and Box.

With over 10,000 students and 3,000 faculty members, DriveHQ’s discounted price is only $24,000/year.

  • AWS is mainly IaaS (Infrastructure as a service). If they use AWS, they still need to install and configure software on the virtual machines remotely. They still need to manage and maintain such servers, install security patches.
  • For the teachers and students to access the system, they still need VPN solutions and to provide support for teachers in creating and managing user accounts. It does not reduce their support work.
  • While AWS saves cost initially, they charge for storage space, download bytes, server requests and virtual machines monthly. Over time, the costs quickly add up.

SMB Solutions

The IT needs of different SMBs vary dramatically, including; simple offsite data backup, creating a remote file server, and group sharing with collaboration. The advantage of DriveHQ’s cloud IT solution is having a one-stop shop for all core IT services. You don’t need to order multiple services from different vendors, nor buy expensive hardware, software, or hire a MCSE.

SMBs can reap most of the value by using all DriveHQ services and features. Many SMBs may not need all services immediately, though over time as they become familiar with cloud integration, the desire to use more and more features is likely to occur. DriveHQ offers a smooth path to ramp up the service as it is needed. Best of all, since all features are bundled together, SMBs will never need to pay extra for more advanced features.

The most popular features requested by SMBs include:

  • A cloud file server that mimics traditional file server in the office, allowing each user to map a network drive to the cloud storage.
  • Create and manage user accounts with different roles and set storage space/download bytes
  • Share folders to various users with selective permissions.
  • Share files with external clients without compromising data security.
  • Automatically backup PCs, MACs and Servers.
  • Government Solution