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Full-text Search - Search file contents

Enterprise customers often have huge number of files. To find a right file can be very difficult. The conventional search feature allows you to search files based on file attributes or metadata, such as file name, caption, modify time and file size. DriveHQ has supported this feature for a very long time. It is easy and works well for small accounts.

To use our service as a searchable knowledge base or collaboration platform, conventional search is not enough. Employees need to search files based on file contents and keywords, just like a typical search engine, except you don't want a search engine company to index your private files, which will make your files public.

DriveHQ's Full-text Search feature is designed for large organizations who have up to millions of documents that need to be shared among employees. Employees can simply type in several keywords and find relevant documents. The following two screenshots explain how it works in FileManager and web browser:

More Details

  • Usage scenarios

    In general, organizations with a lot of document files will find this feature extremely useful, e.g.: retailers with a lot of product description files; law firms with a lot of case files; HR / recruiting firms with a lot of resumes; content producers with a lot of news articles or e-books; government agencies with a lot of contracts and digital forms.

  • Better than Google or Share Point

    Most full-text search features are only available as a web application. DriveHQ's full-text search feature is also available on DriveHQ FileManager, which is seamlessly integrated with Windows Explorer. Moreover, our full-text search can be combined with conventional search, you can narrow down your search results effectively.

  • Supported file format

    DriveHQ's full-text search feature supports almost all readable files, such as plain text files (.txt, .log), HTML/XML files, Microsoft office files (.doc,docx,.xls,.xlsx,.ppt,.pptx) and PDF files.

  • Easy-to-use

    The full-text search feature is integrated in DriveHQ.com website and DriveHQ FileManager. You just need to click the Search icon to search files in a folder.

  • Pricing

    Full-text search is available to business customers only. It is included in our Enterprise plans. For Business Basic/Plus and Custom plans, it can be ordered as an add-on service. For more detailed pricing information, please contact DriveHQ sales. Our pricing is dramatically lower than Microsoft SharePoint, Google Apps or other cloud collaboration services.