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Email Drop Box: auto save attachment files in a folder

DriveHQ's Email Drop Box feature is an extension of the True Drop Box feature. A "True Drop Box" is like a mail drop box in a post office, allowing anybody to quickly and easily upload files to you securely. Users can visit the Drop Box URL and upload files into the folder without the hassle of creating an account.

It is designed for you to receive files from anybody, incl. potential clients, unknown users, one-time users, or too many users that you cannot enter all their email addresses.

With the Email Drop Box feature, anybody can upload files into a drop box folder via email attachments!

Email Drop Box diagram - auto save attachment files to folder
Receive files via email. Auto save/organize attachment files in a cloud file server

Email Drop Box Details

  • A Unique Email Address for Each Drop Box Folder

    When you create a Drop Box folder, it is automatically assigned with a unique email address. Non-DriveHQ members can upload files into the Drop Box folder by sending an email with the attached files.

  • Attachment Files Are Automatically Saved/Organized in the Drop Box Folder

    When an email is sent to the Drop Box email address, DriveHQ's email server can automatically parse the email, extract the attached files and save them in the Drop Box folder. Files will be automatically organized into subfolders based on the sender email address.

  • Anybody Can Securely Upload Files into Your Drop Box Folder

    They just need to send an email to the Drop Box Email Address. They cannot see files in the Drop Box folder. You (the Drop Box owner) have full access to the folder.

  • Unlimited Drop Box Folders

    There is no limit to the number of folders you can turn into a Drop Box in your account.

  • Synced Drop Box Folder

    Create a synchronization task in DriveHQ FileManager to sync your Drop Box folder. You can access files uploaded to the Drop Box folder from your local computer.

  • File Upload Notifications

    You can assign email addresses to receive notifications when files are uploaded to a Drop Box folder.

  • More Automatic Email Processing

    Email Drop Box folder is just one small feature of DriveHQ's email system. DriveHQ can support more advanced automatic email processing. For example:

    - IP cameras can email image/video files to a special Camera Email Address. The attached files can be automatically organized into a Camera Folder.

    - Some scanners can be configured to email scanned image/PDF files to a Drop Box email address. The attached files can be automatically saved to the cloud file server.

    - If you have any other automatic email processing needs, please contact us.

  • Get a Drop Box Email Address

    First of all, you need to create a folder and check the checkbox "This is a Drop Box folder". If you have already created a Drop Box Folder, you can simply log on to DriveHQ.com website, then from the DriveHQ Start Menu, click "Dropbox", you will see a list of Drop Box folders in your account.

    My Drop Box List / Manage My Drop Box Folders
    the "Manage Drop Box Folders / My Drop Box Folder List" page

    Click a Drop Box name, you will see the Edit Drop Box page as shown below. The Drop Box email address can be found in this page. To receive files into this folder, you just need to ask other users to send emails to the Drop Box email address.

    My Drop Box List / Manage My Drop Box Folders
    the "Manage Drop Box Folders / My Drop Box Folder List" page

DriveHQ Drop Box Online Help

DriveHQ Drop Box Online Help