Features - CameraFTP

CameraFTP Cloud Recording, Business/PC Monitoring Service

CameraFTP is a subsidiary of DriveHQ. It offers Cloud Surveillance/Recording, Business Monitoring, Computer Monitoring and Screen Recording service at a very low price.

You can use IP camera, DVR, analog camera, or use webcam, smart phone or tablet as a security camera. The recorded footage is uploaded to CameraFTP's secure cloud storage. You can view footage at any time from CameraFTP.com website or CameraFTP Viewer apps.

With CameraFTP's screen recording solution, you can monitor computer usage by employees, record online meetings/classes, TV shows and games.

CameraFTP Features and Advantages

  • Off-Site Protection

    Even if your camera and computer are destroyed by a fire or natural disaster, your footage is securly stored in our cloud servers.

  • Viewing Footage

    You can view or download footage at anytime by logging on from a web browser or from our mobile applications. Footage will be automatically purged according to your retention period

  • Use Webcam as IP Camera

    You can save time and money over proprietary security systems by turning your webcam or mobile device into a dedicated security camera. Simply install our CameraFTP Virtual Security System and get started

  • Secure Camera Admin

    Our two-layered protection for deleting footage makes it impossible for intruders to delete footage from your CameraFTP account, even if your account is open and logged-on

  • Sharing and Publishing Cameras

    Share a camera with employees, friends or family by entering the email addresses for those you want to have access. You can also publish a camera so that it can be accessed via a public URL.

  • FTP Accessibility

    If you have footage that you want to download locally, you can use a third party FTP client to directly access your CameraFTP content.

  • Screen Recording/Computer Monitoring

    Using CameraFTP's VSS software, you can record computer screen with audio from speaker/microphone. It can monitor computer usage by kids/employees continuously. It can also record online meetings/classes, TV programs and games. The recorded footage can be viewed in real-time or played back.