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DriveHQ Cloud IT Service Use Cases

DriveHQ was founded in 2003 with the idea of offering a complete cloud IT solution to replace your in-house IT systems. Since then we have developed very broad cloud technologies that have powered tens of thousands of businesses.

For those preparing for their first experience with a cloud-based solution, our list of features may seem overwhelming at first glance. But most of our features are easy-to-use, just like WebDAV Cloud Drive Mapping. Please read our short overview below for recommondations on how you can get started with DriveHQ. You can also read the detailed Use Cases

Enterprise Service Solutions

Storage: 5+ Terabytes | Users: 2,000 +

Our specialty. At the enterprise level, you will find our solution to be several times less expensive than our competitors, with features that we guarentee will out-list and outperform.
If you are migrating to DriveHQ from another cloud provider, you likely have an idea for what your requirements are, and what you are looking to avoid. If this is the case, we recommend contacting our support team to confirm your needs

If you are unsure of the best course for your enterprise, please read on to see what features are common among others your size:

  • WebDAV Drive Mapping |

    Our Enterprise WebDAV Tool allows you to map a network drive on any local machine so that DriveHQ can be directly accessed as if it were any other folder on your users machine. This solution is ideal for those who want a smooth transition from a standard file server setup. WebDAV is not ideal for the transfer of large files or large upload/download tasks. For these tasks, you should download FileManager or use our FTP service

  • Group Account Service |

    Our Group management functionality is at the center of each feature we build so that group owners can easily create, edit, and share to their various users. Upgrade your account to a group admin account to start using our advanced management and collaboration technologies

  • Cloud-to-Cloud Backup |

    Many large organizations are hesitant to trust their data with a sole cloud service provider. What happens if our servers are attacked, or struck by a natural disaster? With cloud-to-cloud backup, you can set daily tasks to create redundant copies of your entire DriveHQ account (or particular folders). This way, you can restore your account to a particular date.

Small to Medium Business Solutions

Storage: 100GB - 2TB | Users: 21 - 500

The needs of small to medium sized businesses vary dramatically from organization to organization. While this does make it difficult to recommend standard solutions, the below list provides services that have been popular across medium sized businesses.

  • FTP |

    Many cloud providers consider FTP to be a somewhat 'ancient' method of transferring data. Despite this, DriveHQ has found that FTP still has a unique roll in the industry. FTP hosting capabilities are built-into your DriveHQ account inherently. You can use any FTP client and point to ftp.drivehq.com

  • Hosting |

    Small businesses often find that they can save money by consolidating their online services with DriveHQ. Simply configure DriveHQ to host your company email and registered web domain, and you will be able to cancel all other hosting services.

Personal Service Solutions

Storage: 1GB - 50GB | Users: 1 - 10

DriveHQ's cloud IT solutions are optimized for enterprise grade businesses, both in services and in pricing. Despite this the smallest of businesses can still reap the benefits of DriveHQ's bundled cloud features.

  • Folder Synchronization |

    Synchronization-based solutions have become almost synonymous with standard cloud solutions. These popular consumer services setup synchronized folders so that all your computers and mobile devices can be used universally.
    While DriveHQ does allow users to create as many synchronization tasks as they'd like using our FileManager Software, we recommend that users access their cloud material directly with FileManager, WebDAV, or our mobile applications. Using our client software and applications rather than creating synchronization tasks can save tremendous amounts of bandwidth and CPU. Click here to read more about advantages of a non-sync solution.

  • CameraFTP |

    CameraFTP is a subsidiary of DriveHQ. It offers the leading cloud surveillance and storage service at a very low cost. You can use any IP camera, webcam or mobile device as a security camera.