Features - Publish File Links

Publish Folders or Files, Create Static Links

By default, files stored on DriveHQ is private and secure. To distribute data to a large number of public users, you can publish a folder and then use the Static Publish URLs.

The content publishing feature is equivalent to file hosting. Software companies can use our service to host software files for users to download; photographers can host video/photo files for clients to download; eBay sellers can host product images on DriveHQ, which is easier and much cheaper than hosting on eBay.

If you host your website with a hosting provider that offers small amount of download bandwidth, you can host image, video or other large files on DriveHQ without changing your web hosting service. DriveHQ's file hosting service is better in that: we usually don't charge for bandwidth or charge at a lower price; we support HTTP and FTP-based download URLs; For downloading very large files, FTP and DriveHQ FileManager are much more reliable and efficient than web browsers.

Please note: In order to fight service abuse, free members cannot publish files/folders; personal (paid) members can only publish personal contents.

Content Publishing & File Hosting Details

  • Folder/File Publishing

    You can right click on a cloud folder/file to publish it on DriveHQ. You can do so in a web browser, or use DriveHQ FileManager.

  • Static Download Links

    After publishing a file/folder, you can send the Publish URL(s) to your users; your users can click the URL to begin downloading the file.

  • Website Publishing

    Upload your website files to your wwwhome folder in DriveHQ to have your website published at https://USERNAME.firstcloudit.com/

  • FileManager Publishing

    Publish folders and files directly from our FileManager client. You can also copy download links and edit existing publishes from FileManager.

  • Static "Safe" URLs

    Using DriveHQ FileManager, you can get safe publish URLs that do not reveal your username, folder name, or file name. To do so, publish a folder first, then right click on files in the published folder.

  • Uploading to Published Folders

    Publish features allow users to make content downloadable; but what if you want users to send data to you given just a URL? With our drop box feature, you can enable any folder to allow uploading of content via a drop box URL.