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Cloud Recording & Home/PC/Kids Monitoring Service

CameraFTP.com is a subsidiary of DriveHQ. It offers Cloud Surveillance, Home Monitoring, PC Monitoring, Screen Recording and Kids Monitoring services.

You can use a regular IP camera, DVR or analog camera; or use webcam, smart phone or tablet as a security camera. The recorded footage is uploaded to CameraFTP.com's secure cloud storage. You can view recorded footage at any time on CameraFTP.com website or CameraFTP Viewer apps.

With CameraFTP's screen recording solution, you can monitor computer usage by kids/employees, record online meetings/classes, TV shows and games.

About CameraFTP.com (Requires a separate account)

  • IP Camera/DVR Cloud Backup

    By recording footage to the cloud, if your camera / DVR is destroyed by an intruder or a natural disaster, your footage is securely stored in the cloud. servers.

  • View Footage from Anywhere

    You can view or download footage at any time by logging on to www.CameraFTP.com or our mobile CameraFTP Viewer App. You can also receive motion alerts and other camera events.

  • Use Webcam, Smartphone or Tablet as IP Camera

    You can use a webcam as a security camera by installing CameraFTP VSS software. In fact, you can use CameraFTP VSS as a CCTV DVR system. You can also use a smartphone or tablet as an IP camera by installing CameraFTP Mobile Security Camera app for iOS and Android.

  • Screen Recording, Computer/Kids Monitoring

    Using CameraFTP's VSS software, you can record computer screen with audio from speaker/microphone. It can monitor computer usage by kids/employees continuously. It can also record online meetings/classes, TV programs and games. The recorded footage can be viewed in real-time or played back.