Features - Personal Folder Sync

Automatically Synchronize Local folder with Cloud Folder

DriveHQ FileManager is extremely powerful in synchronizing folders. Compared with other folder sync services such as Dropbox, OneDrive and Google Drive, it has the following advantages:

  • Sync any local folder with any cloud folder. Not limited to a special local folder (such as Dropbox);
  • Sync multiple local folders with multiple cloud folders. Create any number of synchronization tasks;
  • Two-way sync and one-way sync, incl. Cloud-to-local sync (for backing up cloud files to local);
  • Real-time sync and scheduled sync. Schedule a sync task to run at night to avoid slowing down your computer/network;
  • Filter certain files/folders from being synced using wildcard characters in file/folder names;
  • Protect files/folders from being deleted by folder synchronization using the Sync_Cache folder;
  • Professional user interface to manage sync tasks or manually upload/download files;
  • Directly edit cloud files without folder sync; supports cloud file locking.

More Details

  • Sync Any Folder

    DriveHQ's FileManager software allows you to sync any cloud or local folder. Just right click on a local or cloud folder and select Synchronize.

  • Sync Multiple Folders

    You can create multiple sync tasks to sync multiple local folders with multiple cloud folders.

  • Family Folder Sync

    Family members and friends can sync to the same shared cloud folder, each having his/her own login username and password.

  • Real-time and Scheduled Sync

    Create real-time, daily, weekly, or periodic sync-tasks, control when the tasks expire. Scheduled sync is much more efficient than real-time sync if you don't need to sync all files immediately. You can schedule a sync task to run at night time or weekends to avoid it from slowing down your network or computer.

  • Two-way and One-way Sync

    Most sync tasks are two-way. You can create one-way sync tasks with DriveHQ FileManager. A one-way sync task is more like a backup task. A cloud-to-local sync task can be used to back up your cloud files to local.

  • Exclude Certain Files/Folders using Wildcard Characters

    If you don't want to sync all files in a folder, you can exclude some files/folders using wildcard characters. For example, you can exclude all .log files with "*.log".

  • Protect Files From Being Accidentally Deleted by Sync

    Folder synchronization is different from data backup. If you accidentally delete a local file, the sync-ed cloud file will also be deleted, resulting data loss. DriveHQ FileManager can automatically save a copy of files deleted by synchronization. You can restore deleted files from the Sync_Cache folder.

  • Sync Status Notification

    DriveHQ FileManager can send sync status notification emails. If a sync task failed to sync a folder, FileManager can send a notification email to you.

  • Mobile Sync

    DriveHQ FileManager App is available on all major mobile platforms (iOS and Android). You can easily back up photos, videos, and other mobile data to DriveHQ cloud storage. You can also easily sync cloud files to your mobile devices.