Features - Mobile APPs

Backup, View, Edit & Manage Files with FileManager Mobile

DriveHQ Cloud Drive servcie supports all mobile platforms, including iPhone, iPad and Android. You can download DriveHQ FileManager APP from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Like DriveHQ FileManager for PC and Mac, the mobile FileManager also has very broad features incl.: manage cloud and local files; automatically backup photos and videos; share files/folders; view photos and videos. It can directly edit/save cloud files, and automatically back up your files/photos to the cloud.

Mobile Details

  • Manage, View and Share Files

    DriveHQ FileManager mobile can manage, view and share cloud files. It supports viewing images and videos backed up from all devices, incl. all smartphones, tables, PC and MACs.

  • Backup/Sync Mobile Devices

    Setup backup/synchronization task to automatically back up your photos/videos; backup multiple devices; access files backed up from all devices.

  • Directly Edit Cloud Files

    With FileManager Mobile app, you can directly edit cloud files (e.g. image, text, Word or Excel files) and save changes back to the cloud without folder synchronization.

  • More About FileManager Mobile App

    DriveHQ FileManager for mobile is very easy to use. It has very broad cloud storage, file sharing and access control features. Moreover, it can offer cloud storage to other APPs. Many 3rd party APPs can save files to the DriveHQ cloud with FileManager APP, e.g. MS Office, Voice Memo App, Camera App.