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About Personal Plans

- Low-cost cloud drive
- Up to 2 accounts for a family
- Back up PCs & phones
- Edit cloud files directly
- Optimized for photos & videos
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Personal Basic
Personal Plus
Personal Pro
Main Features of DriveHQ Personal Cloud Drive Service
Cloud Drive Mapping
DriveHQ FileManager, Folder Sync and Online Backup Software
FileManager Mobile App (Add tool tip with more detailed features)
Browser-based Cloud File Storage & Sharing
Plan Parameters and Limitations
Max Number of Accounts
Personal Image/Video/Music Storage Space
5 GB
64 GB
Personal files only. 64GB personal Photo, Video and Music file storage space, enough for up to 10,000 high-res images. Other file types are limited to 2000 files and 5GB in total size.
256 GB
Personal files only. 256GB personal Photo, Video and Music file storage space, enough for up to 40,000 high-res images. Other file types are limited to 4,000 files and 10GB in total size.
1 TB
Personal files only. 1TB personal Photo, Video and Music file storage space, enough for up to 160,000 high-res images. Other file types are limited to 8,000 files and 20GB in total size.
Max File Size
200 MB
1 GB
2 GB
4 GB
Maximum Number of Files
Maximum Number of Business Files
Maximum Number of Sync Tasks
Maximum Number of Backup Tasks
Maximum Number of Devices
Maximum Number of Cloud Drives per device
Common Features
(Included in all free, personal, business and enterprise plans)
Cloud Drive Mapping
WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool for PC & Mac
WebDAV Drive for Android and iOS
Folder Synchronization
Real-Time Folder Sync
Scheduled Sync
Multiple Sync Tasks with Different Schedules
Advanced Folder Sync Features
Online File Backup
Regular Online Backup Features for PC and Mac
Multiple Backup Tasks with Different Schedules
Backup Smartphones and Tablets (both iOS and Android)
Cloud File Storage and Sharing
Access cloud storage with web browser
Access cloud storage with FileManager and WebDAV Drive Mapping
Share files to non-members
Share files to members
Mobile Apps
DriveHQ FileManager for Android
DriveHQ FileManager App for iPhone and iPad
View, manage and edit cloud files on mobile and save files to DriveHQ cloud
Group Service (Multiple Accounts for Business and Family)
Group User Administration Tool
Limited to 1 sub-user
Limit subusers from accessing certain folders
Limited to 1 sub-user
Security and Privacy
Client-side Data Encryption
File Versioning
Recycle Bin Folder
Customer Support
Email Support and Forum Support
Weekdays only
7 days a week
Business Features
(included for demo purpose only; otherwise, please order an enterprise/business plan)
Business File Sharing & Collaboration
Share folders with groups, sub-groups, contact groups and external clients
Granular Access Control
Group File Collaboration with Cloud File Locking
Share folders and allow re-share
Share folders with more than 20 users
Share more than 20 folders
Business Cloud File Server / Drive Mapping
Map multiple cloud drives
Group cloud drives with different permission levels
Preconfigure cloud drives for users and subgroups
Group User Administration for Businesses
Create Subgroups, incl. mulitple subgroups and nested subgroups
Advanced Security Policies
Group Options (limit sub-users from sharing folders)
Storage quota for sub-users
Share storage among all group members
Guest Accounts for External Clients with limited folder access
Batch Import, Export and Provisioning Many Accounts
Contact Groups for Efficient and Flexible Folder Sharing
Business FTP, Email, Web and File Hosting
FTP Server Hosting
Limited / Free Trial
Limited / Free Trial. Cannot be used for IP cameras
Email Server Hosting
(No spamming, scamming and mass emailing, etc.)
Static Web Hosting
With web hosting plan only
Custom FTP, Web and Email Domain
Contact Groups and Mailing Lists
Custom Forums and Discussion Groups
Host Images, Videos and Software for Public Downloading, CDN Replacement
Support 3rd Party FTP, WebDAV, EDI and Publishing Software
Command-line FTP Client and FTP Scripting
Business Online Backup
Backup Open Files such as Quickbooks and Database Files
DriveHQ EmailManager: Backup Outlook Emails
Backup Network Drives and Servers
Group Backup with Central Monitoring and Remote Management
Publish Files and Folders
Publish Folders (and All Files in It) and Photo Albums
Browser Published Folders/Albums
Publish Individual Files (Create Static Links)
Batch Get Static File Links and Safe URLs Using FileManager
True Drop Box Folder (Receive Files from Anybody with no Hassle)
True Drop Box Folder
Embed a Drop Box Folder in Your Own Web Page
Security, Privacy and Regulatory Compliance
Advanced Two Factor Authentication
IP Address Restriction
Event Log
Service Level Agreement
GDPR with DPF Certification
GDPR with Data Processing Agreement
HIPAA Compliant Technology
HIPAA BAA Agreement
Advanced Enterprise Features
Full-Text Search
Active Directory Integration and SSO
Virus scanning
Customization, Branding, Integration
Custom Logo and Landing Page Service
Co-branded Service
Customer Support
Phone Support
Service Demo, Walkthrough and Initial Training
Remote Desktop Support
Courier Data Upload
Emergency Data Download / Restore
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