Features - Cloud File Server

Enterprise Online File Server

Like a Real File Server in the Cloud, Works Anywhere!

Our Cloud File Server works just like your local file server. You can migrate to the Cloud instantly. Your users don't need to be re-trained. For companies with multiple locations, you no longer need to manage multiple file servers. One Cloud File Server can support all your employees and external clients from anywhere at any time, making it extremely easy for them to share and collaborate.

Web-based cloud file storage


  • Cloud Drive Mapping

    Your users can be mapped with the same Cloud drive letters as on your current file server. There is no learning curve for them.

  • Web-based Management Tool

    You can manage your Cloud file server and users/groups from anywhere with a web browser. Imagine how much easier it is compared with managing multiple file servers in different locations!

  • Drag-n-drop Transfer

    Drag files directly to and from DriveHQ and maintain the same structure.

  • Group Sharing

    Easily share your material with other users within your organization. Specify what files you want to share with which users, and with control over the permission levels.

  • Cloud File Locking

    Automatically lock a file when you open it and unlock it when you close it. Avoid file-overwriting, edit-conflict and merge-conflict, a must-have feature for team collaboration. Users can also manually lock/unlock a file.

  • Universal & Mobile Access

    Map a drive with our WebDAV tool, use FileManager to directly access content, or download our mobile apps for when you're on the go.

  • Data Deduplication

    Users have access to a central file server from anywhere, eliminating the need of storing copies of the same data among multiple file servers, PCs, laptops and user accounts.

  • Web Remote Access

    Don't want to install our client software or use an FTP service? No Problem. You can access your files from anywhere using a web browser.

  • Multi-Folder Synchronization

    Synchronize any number of local folders with remote folders using one or two-way sync tasks.