Features - Private Cloud

Private Cloud and Virtual Private Cloud

DriveHQ offers a variety of branding and private cloud options for business customers. For most businesses, our regular cloud service (which is based on public cloud) can meet all of the requirements. We offer "Custom Logo and Logon Page" service, co-branded and white label service to enterprise customers and resellers.

For large enterprises that require the highest level of security, DriveHQ offers Private Cloud service. Our cloud IT service can be deployed in your company's facility and managed by your own staff. This can meet all security rules. However, the cost will also be higher.

Enterprise customer can also choose to deploy their private cloud service in the same DriveHQ data center using dedicated servers or virtual machines. This will not save cost on hardware and software, but may significantly reduce our support cost.

Compared with private cloud service, Enterprise customers can also consider "Virtual Private Cloud" service. "Virtual Private Cloud Service" refers to our "Enterprise White Label Service". It can dramatically reduce the hardware and software cost by sharing the same hardware and software platform with DriveHQ. To the end users, there are very few differences: they both use the company's domain name; both can customize the branding and website look and feel.

When do you need private cloud service?

If your organization requires all data storage to be on premise, or if your government requires all data storage to be hosted by a local service provider.

Private Cloud vs. Virtual Private Cloud Service

Private Cloud Service Virtual Private Cloud Service
Facility Client facility or DriveHQ Data Center DriveHQ Data center
Hardware and Software Require separate hardware and software Share the same hardware and software platform with DriveHQ
Service Support Self-support by the enterprise customer + DriveHQ support DriveHQ support
Security High High
Branding Your brand Your brand
Customization Support Yes Yes
Reliability High High
Customization Support High, from $100K to $1 million Lower, from $1000 to $200K