Partnership Programs

DriveHQ's Referral Program can be used by any user, and offers up to 30% commission. To begin the referral service and start earning money, you simply need to provide your account referral link to your intended referencees. Referral links can be copied from the account balance page.

For IT firms or consultants, you can easily Resell DriveHQ Group Account Service with your own company logo and landing page. You just need to order a group account service plan from DriveHQ, then divide the storage and resell sub-accounts or sub-groups to your customers. It is extremely easy and the profit margin can be over 500%!

For companies with a large user base, doing business in a vertical market, targetting special user groups or specific geographic region, it is recommended to try our Co-branded or White-label Program. With our new partnership platform, you can launch your own cloud IT service in just a few days for an extremely low price.

Regional Service Partners and Distributors

Cloud IT Service business is growing rapidly. DriveHQ is the first Cloud IT Solution provider. We have developed the best technologies and products and we offer high-end services to SMBs. With over one million customers all over the world, DriveHQ has a track record and proven profitable business model.

Currently, our service is mainly for the English-speaking countries, such as US, UK, Canada, Australia and India. We also have a large user base from non-English-speaking countries, e.g. Germany, Japan, France, Spain, Italy and Mexico, etc. Since DriveHQ has no regional offices in these countries, and because our service is available only in English, we believe that resellers who localize our solutions will . We are looking for partners or distributors in those countries / regions. Our new co-branded / white-label program can be easily customized / localized to serve any regional markets, or different language markets.

By partnering with DriveHQ, you can launch your own Cloud IT Solution in no time. The initial investment is almost zero. Partners don't need to buy server equipments, don't need to hire engineers, don't need to operate a data center. There is virtually no risk. As long as partners can market this service to a lot of customers, profitability is guaranteed.

DriveHQ is committed to support partners on any technical or service issues. We can also help on customization. Our partnership programs are flexible and they offer generous revenue sharing opportunities. Our goal is to create a long-term viable business model for our partners. Whether you are an independent contractor, a small solution provider, a large corporation, or a big service company, you can find a partnership program that is designed for you. For more info, please visit our partnership page.