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DriveHQ FileManager for Android 5.0

DriveHQ FileManager for Android is an enterprise file management, sharing and backup tool. It can manage local files, cloud files and folders shared to you by other users. It is not just an app, it is a part of DriveHQ's one-stop cloud IT solution. Businesses can easily replace their local file servers with DriveHQ's cloud file server.

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Using DriveHQ FileManager, Android users can easily access their files on DriveHQ cloud storage. They can: view cloud files; upload, backup or sync photos & files; share folders to multiple users with different permissions.

Feature Highlights

  • Basic file management functions such as: create, delete, rename, copy, cut and paste, etc.
  • Downloading or uploading files in My Storage;
  • Accessing shared folders;
  • Displaying image thumbnails without downloading the original image files;
  • Previewing photos / playing photo slide shows without downloading the original image files;
  • Resuming broken downloads/uploads from the point of interruption;
  • Sharing folders to non-DriveHQ members by using a share notification email;
  • Sharing different folders to different users / groups with different permissions;
  • Creating drop box folders so that anybody can upload files to the drop box folders securely;
  • Viewing PDF files and MS Word files on the cloud;
  • International language support with Unicode;


Release Date:  May 14, 2024 Version:  Version 5.0 build 1475
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