Software - Cloud Drive Mapping Tool Screenshots

WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool 6.0 Screenshots

The Drive Mapping Tool Main screen.
  • Log on to the Tool and map a cloud drive.
  • Manage a list of cloud drives.
  • Disconnect or repair a cloud drive.
Windows Explorer with two mapped cloud drives.
  • You can map any number of cloud drives.
  • You can map cloud drives with different permissions.
  • The cloud drives are just like your local drive / File Server.
File Transfer List
  • Display a list of files that are being uploaded / downloaded;
  • Display a list of files that just finished uploading / downloading.
  • Detailed upload/download progress info.
Notification and right click menu
  • Displays notification messages in the system notification area;
  • Right click the tray icon to open the menu or the main window.
Event Log and Trouble Shooting
  • The drive mapping tool includes tools to trouble shoot the problems.
  • You can send the event log to DriveHQ support.
  • You can repair a cloud drive if it is disconnected.