Features - Personal Cloud Drive

Personal / Family Cloud Drive

DriveHQ's WebDAV service can map cloud storage as a "local" drive. It is the easiest way of accessing cloud files. With over 10 years of R&D, DriveHQ's cloud drive is more efficient and reliable than any other regular WebDAV drives.

Please watch the WebDAV Drive Mapping / Cloud File Server Tutorial video:

  • Extremely Easy

    Just install the WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool, log in and click Map. You can then access your cloud files just like on your local hard drive. A mapped cloud drive is the easiest way of accessing your cloud files.

  • Family Drive for All Devices

    You can map a cloud drive from all your PCs and MACs. On mobile devices, WebDAV enabled apps can directly access or edit cloud files. Family (and friends) can share the same cloud drive.

  • Performance, scalability and reliability

    DriveHQ's Cloud Drive Mapping Tool includes a local caching server. It dramatically improves the performance and reliability. It is many times faster and more reliable than other WebDAV drives.

  • Works without Folder Synchronization

    Unlike other popular cloud storage services, your personal cloud drive is not dependent on folder synchronization. You can access cloud files directly without waiting for a folder/file to be synchronized. It is much more efficient than folder synchronization.

  • Cross Platform

    WebDAV Drive Mapping Tool is available on PC and Mac. ( Linux and mobile platforms are also supported. Please visit: WebDAV Service Manual for more details. )