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DriveHQ Online Backup 6.0.0 - Business-class Online Backup Service

Automatically backup your files, emails, servers & database online. No backup device needed. Optimized for high-end users and businesses. More reliable than local backup!


DriveHQ Online Backup 6.0.0 stores backup data at DriveHQ's state-of-the-art colocation facility. It delivers secure, reliable, and cost-effective backup service for users with important files and companies with critical business data. No backup device is needed. Not only it saves money, but also it is more secure and reliable; plus, you can backup, restore, access and share files from anywhere at any time. Mac support is available with DriveHQ Online Backup for Mac.

What's New

The latest version 6.0.0 build 6571 has improved many features. It is optimized for businesses. The new features include:
  • Changed backup task list file format to XML format; improved the code to prevent the backup task list file from being corrupted;
  • More reliable and efficient than the previous versions;
  • Improved the application log to include all events; (changed Error Log to Event Log;
  • Dramatically improved the communication between DriveHQ Online Backup GUI and the backup service process;
  • Seamless integration with Cloud Storage 6.0 system and group account administration tool.

Feature Highlights

  • Scheduled backup, recurring on a daily or weekly basis;
  • Real-time backup, back up files as changes occur;
  • Incremental backup, only back up changed files and new files;
  • Run as Windows service; can back up data even when nobody is logged on;
  • Backup multiple computers with one account or with group accounts;
  • Easy and reliable restore, through web, FileManager or Online Backup;
  • Can automatically or manually resume interrupted backup task from where it was left off;
  • Quick launch from Windows Explorer, through right-click menu;
  • Support data encryption; your files can be encrypted locally before uploaded to DriveHQ; files remain encrypted on DriveHQ server. So it is extremely secure;
  • Secure data transfer through HTTPS/SSL;
  • Can back up desktops, laptops, external/USB/portable/network drives (or folders); also supports Unix/Linux/Windows server and mainframe backup.
  • Can back up open (or locked) files, incl. Microsoft Outlook PST files, Quickbooks or database files, etc.
  • Upload / download speed has been improved; can automatically compress data for faster upload / download; DriveHQ MagicUpload technology can dramatically increase your upload speed in certain cases;
  • Can backup files larger than 10GB; (e.g. a very large video file, a virtual hard drive (VHD) file.
  • Support status log / error log; automatically send backup status notification;
  • New 64-bit version client software optimized for 64-bit versions of Windows operating systems;
  • Can create multiple backup tasks to backup different source folders; set different schedules for different folders; group different source folders into different backup tasks;
  • Can keep multiple file versions, can restore an old version;
  • Can migrate backup tasks from one PC to another PC;
  • Seamless integration with cloud storage service and group account service;
  • Support file / folder name filters to be excluded from the backup source list;
  • Support unicode; can work on any language operating systems.
  • DriveHQ Online Backup is part of DriveHQ's Complete Backup Solution.

More Information

Release Date: Jun 05, 2024 Version:  Version
Download DriveHQ Online Backup, the best online file / email backup software

System:  Win7,8,10; Win2008-2016 Size:  31 MB
Release Date: Jun 05, 2024 Version:  x64 V6.1.0.6578
Download DriveHQ Online Backup, the best online file / email backup software

System: Windows 64-bit versions Size:  34 MB

DriveHQ Online Backup Reviews and Awards
DriveHQ Online Backup has been downloaded by over 1 million users. At version 6.0.0, the software has a very rich set of features and is extremely reliable. We have received numerous enthusiastic emails about the easiness and usefulness of DriveHQ Online Backup. The software has also been verified by reputable 3rd party companies:
  • DriveHQ Online Backup certified by Softpedia as 100% clean
  • Get DriveHQ Online Backup from CNET!
  • DriveHQ Online Backup certified by BrotherSoft
  • DriveHQ Online Backup received 5-star award on
  • Download DriveHQ Online Backup