FAQ on DriveHQ Cloud File Sharing


Q. Can I share files to non-DriveHQ users?   Top

Yes. DriveHQ provides the most powerful and flexible sharing engine. The Share feature has only 2 steps.   A folder can be shared with anyone, including non DriveHQ members, using a simple URL link to the shared folder. You can send a share information email to the Share-to users. When a Share-to user clicks on the link, it will require the user to verify email address. Once verified, it is redirected to the Show Folder page.

After receiving the share notification email, A non-DriveHQ user can also opt to sign up an account on DriveHQ.com. The folder(s) shared to him / her is automatically added to the special virtual folder: \DriveHQ Share\. This method is more secure, since you can assign different permissions to different folders and friends.

Q.How do I share folders with other DriveHQ users?  Top

To share folders to other DriveHQ users, please log on to your account. You can click on "SHARE" and click on Share My Folder. It goes to the "Select a Folder" page; a share can be created in only 2 steps easily. After you have selected a folder, you need to enter the "Share-to" users. You can enter their DriveHQ usernames or registered email addresses on DriveHQ.com. The "Share-to" users can logon and access folders shared to them in the special virtual folder: \DriveHQ Share\

Q. How can I prevent users from changing files in a shared folder?   Top

When creating a share and setting the Share options, select the permission level for your share. You can specify different access privilegeds (Read-only, Upload and Full-access, etc) for different shares, allowing you to have a fine control over the shared files and folders. We have the following permission levels:

  • No Access;
  • File Icon / List / Thumbnail View Only;
  • Preview Only;
  • Download / Read-only;
  • View Comment & Rates;
  • Comment And Rate;
  • Upload /add;
  • Full Access;

Q. Can I invite someone to upload files into a folder in my account if they do not have a DriveHQ account?  Top

Someone who does not have a DriveHQ account can't upload files to your account. We understand this is inconvenient, but we must make sure that any user who uploads files / folders to your Share is a known & responsible user. DriveHQ provides easy one-step registration. Clicking Sign Up Free on the home page. Alternatively, if you have a group account, you can create a sub-user account for the non-member user. You can then share a folder to the sub-user with upload or full-access right. The non member user can logon as the sub-user and access the shared folder in the special virtual folder: "\DriveHQ Share\YOUR_USERNAME\SHARE_NAME".

Q. How do I change a Share I created?   Top

You can make changes to existing Shares or delete an existing share. Just log on to your own account, click on "SHARE" and click on Manage Shares. It goes to the "Share List" page.

Q. Is there a period of validity for the Share Link?  Top

No, there isn't a period of validity for the Share Link. But If you are not a DriveHQ member, you can sign up a new account using your e-mail account which receives the share notification in 10 days. These files will be automatically added to your "DriveHQ Share" virtual folder.

If you have a free account, or if your account balance is negative for over 1 months, your files might be automatically deleted.

Q. The Share Link is Not Working  Top

If your email program does open the web link correctly:

Some email programs introduce line wraps, which can cause broken URLs.

To correct the problem:

  1. Highlight and copy the share link in the email.

  2. Open Notepad from the Windows Accessories menu. Turn "Word Wrap" off.

  3. Paste the link. Delete line wraps or spaces until the link is only in the first line.

  4. Copy the entire line, then go back and paste this in your web browser address.

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