Web-based Contacts and Contact Groups (Address Books)

A user can create contact lists (address books) and group them into different Contact Groups. He can then share files with a contact group. A contact group is also used for creating a Group Discussion Forum with the group members. Log on to your account, click on "contacts". The contacts list page will be displayed. When you register a new account on DriveHQ.com, the system automatically creates two default contact groups by default: Friends and Blocked. Click on Create New Contact Group to create a new contact or select an existing contact group to edit.

If you select an existent contact group, the member list will be displayed as shown below:

The blocked contact does not know he or she has been blocked. A person you have blocked can still share folders or send emails to you; however, you can't receive his email or access his shares from the DriveHQShare virtual folder.

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