Download Files on Website

There are several ways to download files from You can easily download files by using a web browser, DriveHQ FileManager or regular FTP client software. If you prefer to use website, you can use Web Browser Based download. If your computer is a Windows machine, you can download and install DriveHQ Client Software. DriveHQ Client software is a free application that integrates with the DriveHQ Web. you can download DriveHQ Client Software by clicking here.

How to download files from website?

Log on to your account, and then in the "My Storage" page, you can navigate to any folders, click on it to enter the ShowFolder page. Select the file (i.e. check the checkbox) you want to download, click on "Download" on the toolbar.

Please note web browsers can only download files one by one. So you should select one file only. You also should not check any folders. Folders cannot be downloaded by a web browser.

If you have a paid account, then you can use the "Zip Download" button to zip multiple files and folders into a single zip file and then download the zip file.

Zip Download is a very convenient way for you to download multiple files and folders at once. However, "Zip Download" requires a lot of server resources as the server must zip the files / folders on the fly. Therefore, zip download should only be used to download multiple small files / folders. If you need to download some very large files / folders (e.g. over 100MB), DriveHQ FileManager or DriveHQ FTP is always the best solution.

Do not try downloading files by right-clicking on the filename and selecting "Save As" in your browser. Because of the manner in which your files are securely stored on our servers, you must use the Download button on the tool bar to download your files.

Zip Download feature compresses multiple files and folders into a package with zip archive format. The total size of one zip download can not exceed 100MB. Paid users can zip download any files and folders, including files / folders shared by other paid / free users, but free users just can zip download files / folders shared by paid users.

Moreover, you can make use of DriveHQ FileManager to download multiple files and folders simultaneously without zip compression.

Can Downloads be interrupted and resumed later?

Yes! website does support the feature, which allows you to resume your download if it is interrupted. A better solution is to use DriveHQ FileManager Client Software. You can use DriveHQ Client softwares, which is a free application that integrates with; it lets you easily drag and drop files/folders between your DriveHQ online storage and your local computer. The files / folders downloaded can be interrupted and resumed later. You can download DriveHQ Client Software here.

Using DriveHQ FTP, you can also drag and drop download a group of files / folders and transfer the remaining files if your connection is reset.


There are a limited number of Max download bytes per month for free accounts. If a download fails, please check your account balance by clicking on "My Account" and then "Account Balance". There are more download bytes available for paid accounts. If you run out of download bytes, you can subscribe more storage space. Ordering more space also upgrades your account to "Paid Account" status and you will enjoy more of our premium services.

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