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Q. What is DriveHQ's complete backup solution?   Top

DriveHQ offers a complete backup solution that includes:

  • - Local-to-cloud backup. Using DriveHQ's enterprise Online Backup software, you can backup any number of PCs, MACs and Servers. You can create multiple backup tasks and set different backup schedules. DriveHQ Online Backup runs as a system service. It can back up your files even when you are not logged on to the computer. Group administrators can monitor and manage group backup tasks from anywhere using a web browser.
  • - Cloud-to-cloud backup. A lot of businesses have migrated to the cloud completely. In this case, protecting cloud files is more important than protecting local files. DriveHQ offers multiple layers of protection against data losses. However, in some special cases, data loss can still happen, e.g. if a user accidentally deletes his files without noticing it; an employee maliciously deletes company files; a local computer infected with CryptoWall virus (or other ransomware) uploads corrupted files, etc. Cloud-to-cloud backup can protect business data in these cases.
  • - Cloud-to-local backup. Cloud services are usually very reliable, e.g. DriveHQ can achieve over 99.99% uptime. Your actual uptime is also dependent on your local ISP's uptime. If your business is mission critical, you can store a backup copy of cloud files locally. DriveHQ FileManager client software supports one-way folder synchronization, which can be used to backup cloud files to a local computer.
  • - Outlook email backup; database and VM backup. DriveHQ's EmailManager client software can efficiently back up your Outlook emails. Instead of backing up very large .PST files, EmailManager can back up emails one by one. Thus you can restore emails one by one instead of having to restore a huge .PST file. DriveHQ Online Backup supports Volume Shadow Copy (VSS Copy), thus it can back up files that are being locked, such as database files, Quickbooks files and Virtual Hard Drive (VHD) files.

Q. How does it work and how to get started with DriveHQ online Backup?  Top

DriveHQ Online Backup can be setup in just a few minutes. You don't need to buy any backup devices. The software and the basic service are free.

1. Sign up a free DriveHQ account (if you have not done so yet).
2. Download and install DriveHQ Online Backup client software for PC or DriveHQ Online Backup for Mac.
3. After installation, logon DriveHQ Online Backup and create backup tasks. You can create real-time tasks or scheduled tasks. Your files will be backed up to DriveHQ's state-of-the-art co-location facility in Fremont California. Your files will be safe even under major disasters as your data is protected off-site.

Q. How can DriveHQ make sure my files are secure on the Internet?  Top

DriveHQ takes all measures to ensure your file security.

- By default, your files are secure and private unless you share or publish them. No static links can be used to access your files without logon.

- DriveHQ web facility is generally more secure than your own facility. We are co-located with one of the largest co-location service companies in California. The building has 24x7 security and backup power supply / Internet connection.

- Data transferring can be very secure as DriveHQ Online Backup supports SSL / HTTPS.

- For those users who need ultimate security, DriveHQ Online Backup supports encryption feature. Your files will be encrypted locally before they are uploaded to DriveHQ server. As long as you don't leak your encryption key, it will be extremely hard for anybody to access and decrypt your files. You can create an encrypted backup task using the "Advanced Task" wizard. At the end, check "Backup with encryption". Please note you must remember "ALL" your private keys.

Q. Why do I need a backup service? Top

Everybody needs to backup his / her computer on a regular basis. Today, you have very important files on your computer's hard disk. Those files include your family photos and videos, you personal or business financial data, your customer data or research materials, etc. On average your computer or hard disk crashes every 3 years. Your files are also subject to virus attack, accidental deletion, or any major disasters, such as fire, theft, flood, earthquake, etc. An offsite online backup service like DriveHQ is an ideal solution to protect your data.

Q. I have local backup using a USB drive, what is the advantage of DriveHQ backup?  Top

DriveHQ Online Backup is more reliable and secure than your USB backup. DriveHQ has better facility / infrastructure, all our equipments are fully redundant. So even if one set of devices fail, the system can still work fine. Also, online / remote / offsite backup like DriveHQ Online Backup is safer in case of fire, theft, virus attack or flood, etc. You also get the benefit of being able to backup / access / restore your data from anywhere.

Q. Should I use Real-time backup or scheduled backup?  Top

If you have a small folder with small files that are modified frequently, you might want to use Real-time backup. Otherwise, a scheduled backup is recommended.

Q. Can I back up multiple computers using the same DriveHQ account? Top

Yes, you can. Please note backup tasks are associated with the source computer. So you can create two backup tasks on two computers with the same task name, they are not the same task on server, so they don't interfere with each other. You can migrate a task from one computer to another computer, though.

Q. Which folders should I backup? Do I just backup the whole C: drive? Top

While you can backup the whole c: drive, it is strongly not recommended. You only need to backup important data files. You don't need to backup Operating system files (Windows folder) or application files (program files folder). These files are not important as you can simply reinstall the OS or applications. If you try to backup those folders, it could take a very long time to upload all the files.

Generally you are recommended to backup the "My Documents" folder where you store your personal data files.

Q. Do you support incremental backup or you upload all files every time?   Top

DriveHQ Online Backup supports incremental backup. Files won't be uploaded again if not changed after last backup. If you have backed up a part of a very large file, it can even resume uploading the remaining part of the file and not start from the scratch.

Q. Do you keep file version history?  Top

Yes, DriveHQ Online Backup supports file version history. You can set maximum versions to keep in Options.

Q. I have a small business with 10 employees and 12 PCs, what is the best way to backup all PCs?  Top

You can install DriveHQ Online Backup on all computers, the software is free. Each employee can have his/her own DriveHQ account. It is recommended using our Group Account service, which is more flexible and manageable. To upgrade to group account, please logon DriveHQ website and click on My Account, then click on Group Account.

Q. Can it backup my (Outlook) emails?   Top

Yes, DriveHQ Online Backup supports email backup. You don't need to quit your email application to backup your emails. DriveHQ Online Backup can backup files being used. Uploading pst files and database files are less efficient. This is because .pst files and database files can be changed from anywhere.

Q. Why is your service not free?  Top

We do offer free service, however, free service is for personal and casual use only. Please note DriveHQ Backup is a high quality backup service. Our price is among the lowest while our service is the best.

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