Account and Billing FAQ


Q. Does DriveHQ offer free service? Will it expire? Top

DriveHQ offers the basic service for free, and the free service will not expire. Just click "Sign Up" from the DriveHQ home page to sign up a free account. Please note free service users must sign in at least once every 3 months. Otherwise, your account may be deleted.

Q. What features are limited on free service accounts? Top

Free service accounts have small amount of storage space and download bytes. If your file size is bigger than 200MB, it is recommended ordering our premium service.

Free members cannot publish files or websites. Due to rampant service abuse, we must make sure that any user who publishes files or website on DriveHQ is a real and responsible user.

Q. How to get more download bytes (bandwidth)? Top

Use more (free) DriveHQ features to get more free bandwidth (up to 1GB/month). The rule is as follows:



Download bandwidth/mo

Sign up

sign up a free account.


Use DriveHQ FileManager

Installed DriveHQ FileManager and Logon;


Use DriveHQ Online Backup

Install DriveHQ Online Backup; logon and create one backup task;


Share files

use the Share feature to share a folder with friends.


Refer users

Promote DriveHQ service with the provided links or banners ;


Upgrade to group account

upgrade your account to an group account.


Use DriveHQ FTP service

"" provides a virtual FTP server to you. You can access your DriveHQ storage through all popular FTP clients.


Publish folders / files

use the Publish feature to publish folder.


Publish websites

use the Publish feature to publish your website.


Q. How do I upgrade to a paid account? Top

You can upgrade to a paid account online. Log on to, go to My Account --> Subscribe, then select a plan to order. Please note you can order multiple subscriptions.

Q. If I order more space, do I still receive the free space? Top

Yes. If you order our premium service, you will still receive the 1GB free storage space.

Q. How do I discontinue my account? Top

If you have not ordered a subscription, usually no action is needed. Your account will be kept as a free service account. You can delete all files / emails online if you like.

To cancel a subscription, please log on to, go to My Account, click on Subscribe --> Current Subscription. Click on a subscription plan that you want to cancel, then click on Cancel Subscription.

Please note, you must delete (reduce) your files, pay the outstanding balance and delete sub-accounts if you have a group account.

When you ordered our service, you have agreed that there will be no refunds. DriveHQ's basic service is free. You can try it first before ordering a subscription. DriveHQ can offer you service credits if requested. If the reason of cancelation is related with our service problem and if we cannot solve it in time, please contact our customer support. We may refund you based on the situation.

Q. How do I increase (or decrease) my account maximum storage space? Top

You can order (or cancel) a storage plan at any time to change your maximum storage space. Just log on to your DriveHQ account and select "My Account" --> "Subscribe" then click on Current Subscription. Please note you can subscribe to multiple service plans. If you order a new plan, it will be added to your existing plan(s). You can cancel the old plan(s) online.

If you upgrade your subscription, you will not lose un-used service credit. The un-used service credit is kept in your DriveHQ account as Service Coupon Balance. You might lose a few days to one month of service credit of your old subscription depending on your monthly billing date.

Q. I forgot my password. How can I recover it? Top

Password recovery is available online using your registered email address or your username:

  1. Go to DriveHQ home page:
  2. Click Login, then click Forgot password.
  3. Follow prompts to enter your username or email address, and click on Submit.
  4. DriveHQ system will automatically send a "password reset" email.
  5. Click the link in the email to reset (change) your password.

Q. How do I change my password or registered email address? Top

To change your password, email address or any personal information, open the Account Profile page, by logging on to and clicking on "My Account". Enter the details you wish to change then click Submit.

If you changed your registered email address, the system will automatically send you a confirmation email. You must receive the email and confirm the change.

Q. Can I change my account username? Top

If your account is a sub-account of a group account, you can contact the group admin to change your username. Otherwise, please email DriveHQ customer support.

Q. How do I check the next billing date on my account, or view my account balance? Top

DriveHQ uses your account registration date as the monthly billing date. To check the registration date and the account balance, simply open the Account Balance page by clicking on "My Account --> Account Balance".

Q. What payment methods are supported? How can I change my saved credit card or PayPal billing info? Top

We support all major credit cards and PayPal; in addition, PayPal supports e-checks (with your bank account). For amount larger than $149, you can also pay by business checks or bank wire.

To change your saved credit card or PayPal billing info, you just need to make a new payment (of any amount, e.g. $1) online; your saved billing info will be automatically updated. When making a new deposit, please uncheck the checkbox "Deposit using saved billing info".

Q. What is my annual billing period? What does it happen after the subscription expires? Top

DriveHQ charges service fees monthly. Annual service is "prepaid 12-month service with 2 months discount". When you order an annual service, DriveHQ only applies the first month service fee and the remaining money is transferred to your "Service Coupon Balance". If the first billable month is less than 30 days, we only charge the service fee by actual days in the month. The remaining money is transferred to "Service Coupon Balance". Your next monthly service charge will be automatically paid on your monthly billing date from your Service Coupon Balance first and then from your Account Cash Balance.

Please note a subscription will not expire unless canceled by the user. After a year, the system will automatically debit your account. If your account balance becomes negative, you will be liable for the service fees. DriveHQ will not delete your files automatically, but the system may limit your account on certain features.

Q. When will my service fee be charged? What happens if I fail to pay on time? Top

Subscription services are automatically charged on your monthly billing date unless canceled by you. There will be no refund once a charge is applied. You can cancel it at any time to avoid future charges. If your account cash balance is negative, usually you have about 30 days to pay the service fee. After 30 days of no payment, you can still log on, but certain features will be blocked. We reserve the right to take any actions to your account and your files, including apply a late fee, delete your files or use a collection company.

Q. Is there any hidden/extra cost to use DriveHQ client software, Drive Mapping or FTP services? Top

No. The client software and most features are already included in our Cloud IT service plans.

Q. Can I log on to more than 1 account at the same time on the same computer? Can I use your service on multiple computers? Top

Yes, you can logon to more than one account on one machine. But we don't recommend it. In general, each user should have only one account. Creating multiple free accounts for the purpose of getting more free storage space is prohibited.

You can use our service or install our client software on any number of computers. There is no extra charge.

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