Encrypted Backup with Client-Side Encryption

For ultimate security and privacy, DriveHQ supports Data Encryption.

By default, files stored in "\My Documents\My Encrypted Data" are encrypted with your private encryption key. In version 4.0+ DriveHQ client software, when uploading files to DriveHQ.com, you have an option to use the encryption feature. When creating an advanced backup task, you can check "Backup with Encryption" at the last step of the task wizard. If you check this option, your files will be encrypted with your private encryption key in a local cache folder before they are uploaded to DriveHQ.com. Your encryption key is never sent to the server, so your files are extremely safe as nobody can decrypt your files without the encryption key. Your private key is encrypted and cached on your local computer. When you download files from the same computer with any DriveHQ version 4.0+ client software, your files are transparently decrypted after they are downloaded. However, if you download encrypted files from another computer with DriveHQ 4.0+ client software, you will be prompted to enter your private encryption key.

Please note you must remember ALL your private keys. Once an encrypted file is backed up (or uploaded) to server, even if you change the encryption key, they will remain encrypted by the old encryption key.

Note: You cannot download encrypted files from Internet Explorer or from any FTP client software as they cannot decrypt the files. It is recommended that you use Encrypted Backup only for confidential data. Regular image, music or video files don't need to be encrypted. Without encryption, you can preview these files online. With encryption, you must use DriveHQ client software to download and then preview them.

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