Getting started with DriveHQ cloud IT Service

DriveHQ has a very broad range of cloud features, services and client programs. For beginners, you might feel it is hard. Surprisingly, our basic features are extremely easy. You can start using our service in no time.

It will take a little more time to get familiar with our advanced features. However, if you have some IT background, e.g. if you are familiar with an in-house file server, FTP/email/web server, share point server or backup solution, then you will find that DriveHQ's service is a lot easier to setup and maintain.

If you are only interested in one service, then you can visit the feature page directly. For example, if you are interested in FTP hosting service, then you can visit the FTP feature page.

For most users who are interested in our broad Cloud File Server/Cloud IT Service, there are a few ways to access DriveHQ cloud storage: website, Cloud Drive Mapping Tool, and DriveHQ FileManager (or FTP). makes it very easy to access your files, emails and contacts online. You can securely access your important data from any PCs with a web browser.

Most DriveHQ features can be accessed with a web browser, e.g.: You can manage files and folders, share them to other users, manage sub-users and sub-groups. You can even drag and drop uploading files in a browser.

Cloud Drive Mapping Tool

You can map DriveHQ cloud storage as a local drive. Just install the Cloud Drive Mapping Tool. This is the easiest solution for average users. You cannot find an easier cloud storage service than a mapped "local" drive.

Since a mapped drive is accessed in Windows Explorer / Mac Finder, it cannot include all DriveHQ features. For administrators, it is better to use DriveHQ FileManager client software. FileManager is more efficient and reliable in uploading / downloading very large files and folders. In addition, you can easily share/publish a folder using FileManager.

DriveHQ FileManager

DriveHQ FileManager can manage both cloud and local files. It works like Windows Explorer or FTP programs. You can easily drag and drop files / folders from your local PC to your DriveHQ cloud storage. Whether you are backing up your important data or sharing files with your customers, colleagues or friends, DriveHQ FileManager makes it extremely easy and reliable.

Download DriveHQ client software at:

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