What's new in DriveHQ FileManager 6.0?

DriveHQ FileManager 6.0 offers the following new features and improvements:

  1. Dramatically faster upload speed for enterprise customers
  2. Consumers may not see the speed difference too much as the bottle neck is usually with their own ISPs. For enterprise customers with large bandwidth, most of them are seeing 50% to 12 times faster upload speed.

  3. File Locking for group collaboration
  4. File locking was first supported in DriveHQ's WebDAV Drive Mapping service. Now it is also supported in FileManager. When you double click on a cloud file to open it, the file is automatically locked so other users cannot edit the file at the same. When you close the file, it is unlocked automatically. You can also manually lock or unlock a file.

  5. Improved sync performance and scalability
  6. FileManager now uses a more efficient algorithm to detect file and folder changes. Thus it can sync a much large folder without degrading the performance. There is no preset limit, but FileManager can easily sync a folder with 500,000 files!

  7. Automatic folder sync status report
  8. If you run FileManager's folder sync feature on a server, then you probably don't look at the server's monitor every day. You can configure it to send sync status report to your email address or multiple email addresses separated by a semicolon.

  9. Remote folder short-cut
  10. You can right click on a cloud folder and create a remote short-cut on your desktop. When double clicking on the short-cut, it can automatically launch FileManager and open the specific folder.

  11. File History version
  12. 1.1 User can view, download, rollback file history version, and set enable keep file history version.

    1.2 User also can view, download, rollback share file history version by permission: "Full access" can view, download, rollback; "Add / Upload Files" and "Read / Download File only" can view and download ; "View File List / Icon only" only can view.

  13. Recycle Bin on the cloud and local
  14. 2.1 User can view deleted files, empty, refresh, restore, delete in local Recycle Bin.

    2.2 User can view, download, cut, empty, refresh, restore, delete in server Recycle Bin.

    2.3 Delete is divided into "delete to Recycle Bin" and "delete permanently".

  15. Add cloud search and change local search logic
  16. 3.1 User can set search condition: search name, modify time, size, select one condition can search.

    3.2 For local and server search result, user can "open", "open containing folder", "cut", "copy", "rename", "delete", "upload / download", "Properties".

    3.3 For server share search result, user do above operations by permission.

  17. Improve transfer efficiency and synchronization stability.

  18. Replace software help with web help.

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