Remote Management Tool

To enable remote management tool, you can create / edit / delete / start / stop all backup tasks on website easily, you can also manage all backup tasks for your group members, and here are a basic guide that introduce you how to get started.

  • 1. Install latest version of Online Backup, download it from, and ensure your version number equal or is higher than 6.0.558.
  • 2. The feature is turned off by default in new version, if you want to turn on the feature, please log on Online Backup UI program and go to Options -> Remote Management:

    • a) Disabled the remote management feature. The feature will be disabled when you select this option.
    • b) Enable the feature with view-only access. Can only view backup task status on website.
    • c) Enable the feature with full access. Can create / edit / delete / start / stop tasks, can do all operations.

    If you want to enhance security of these operations, you can also check the “Require additional authentication” option, which will ask your enter remote computer’s credential.

  • 3. After finished above settings, you must quit Online Backup’s UI program and let website have permission to do management.

    If you don’t quit Online Backup’s UI program, the all tasks on website will show offline status.
  • 4. The whole feature is only available to PAID user, so if you are free user, please upgrade [] now.

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