DriveHQ Website UI and Features

The DriveHQ Start Menu

DriveHQ offers a very broad range of features. Most features are accessible from the DriveHQ website. You can easily access these features using DriveHQ start menu. Just hover your mouse on top of the DriveHQ logo, it will display the start menu as shown below.

DriveHQ start menu

  • My Storage: A windows explorer-like Folder Treeview; you can upload and download files, copy / cut / paste files and folders; share files to different users with different levels of access rights.
    • Easily upload and store any type of files online with familiar Windows Explorer interface;
    • Free up to 1GB online storage space that is accessible from anywhere, anytime.
    • Advanced access control system adapted for business use.
    • Membership is free, so why not register a new account now?

    If you need more storage space than the maximum storage space allowed, you can easily subscribe to our low-cost subscription service. The personal service starts at only $4/month. You will have access to almost all of our advanced features with less / no restrictions. You will also get more storage and far more download bytes / month.

  • Share: DriveHQ has the most powerful and flexible sharing engine. You can share different folders to different users with different permissions; sharing to non-members is also supported.
  • Publish:
    • publish folders: You can publish your files to share with all Internet users! After you publish a folder, you can use the Publish URLs to link to the folder and files in it. No logon is required to access the Publish URLs.
    • publish websites: enables you to create your own website on the Internet.
      • It's very easy and it's free! To publish a website, you must be a Paid Member or True Member. If you are a Paid member, your website is published automatically. If you are a True member, you need to disable and re-enable your website to publish it.
      • You can create your website using any web-authoring tool that you like, and then upload the files to your "wwwhome" folder on; or you can choose from any of our web templates.
      • DriveHQ provides advanced features for business website hosting. You can specify your own WWW domain name and email domain name.
  • Backup: With DriveHQ Online Backup, your data is safe, no matter what happens to your PC: Hard drive crash, computer virus, laptop theft, or accidental deletion of a folder? No problem. Your data is safe. It is even more reliable than your own backup! With DriveHQ Online (Offsite) Backup, your data is safe even if a major disaster (e.g. earthquake, flood, fire, etc.) happens to your business.
  • Key benefits of DriveHQ Online Backup:

    • Remote Security - Your data is easily recovered if a crash occurs;
    • Automatic Backup - Schedule it once and forget it;
    • Fast and Reliable - Only changes are updated, saving time and storage;
    • No need for hardware - Avoid the risk of broken hardware and save money.

  • My Account: You can easily manage your DriveHQ account directly from . To manage your account, log on to DriveHQ and select My Account on the tool bar. The account details page will appear. From here, you can: view and update your account profile; view your account balance; view your account transaction history; Subscribe to our services and become a "Paid User"; you can also cancel our service by clicking on the Current Subscription link from the Subscribe page.

Log On

To log in using DriveHQ Web, Open a web browser and enter the address for our web site,, in the Address field and hit Enter.

This will bring you to the home page of DriveHQ website. You will see the Member Login section on the top right corner of the page. Enter your Login Name and password in the login boxes, then select the service you want to go to. Please remember that your password is case sensitive.

If you have problems logging in, please don't retry too many times as it could result your account being blocked. You can click on "Forgot logon info" to recover your username and password.

Log out

For your own security, click the "Log out" button when you are done. It only takes an extra second, but logging out closes your open connection with the server, which is important for your security. It prevents another user from accessing your account, especially if you are working on a computer that is shared with other users. This also clears resources that are normally reserved on our server to maintain your active session.

Your session remains open in the background even if you move on to visit other websites, until you Log out or shutdown your web browser. You can return to DriveHQ using the BACK button on your browser and continue where you left off. If you do not Logout, and leave your computer unattended, it is possible for someone else to use the computer to return to your open server session.

For this reason, we have implemented an Automatic Log Off security feature to close your session automatically after a few hours of inactivity, in case you forget to Log Off.

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