Publish Folders or Files, Create Static Links

Distributing data to a large number of users publically is a crucial need for businesses in many industries. Whether you want to provide a public URL for a file to be directly downloaded, or send a link to an entire published folder, DriveHQ can help meet your requirements.

By default, none of the content stored on DriveHQ is publicly available. Once a folder is published, use the "Publish URL" to distribute the content.

Publishing Detail

  • Download Links

    After publishing a file, send the Publish URL to your users; your users simply need to click the URL to begin downloading the content.

  • Folder/File Publishing

    Publish any file or folder on DriveHQ to make data accessible through a static link.

  • Website Publishing

    Upload your website files to your wwwhome folder in DriveHQ to have your website published at http://USERNAME.drivehq.com/

  • FileManager Publishing

    Publish folders and files directly from our FileManager client. You can also copy download links and edit existing publishes from FileManager.

  • Safe Publishing

    Create publish URLs that do not reveal your username, folder name, or file name. Publish links will use reference IDs to be accessed anonymously

  • Uploading to Published Folders

    Publish features allow users to make content downloadable; but what if you want users to send data to you given just a URL? With our drop box feature, you can enable any folder to allow uploading of content via a drop box URL.