Features - True Drop Box

True Drop Box: Enable anybody to upload files to you

DriveHQ's Drop Box technology works like a mail drop box in a post office, allowing your clients to quickly and easily upload files into a dedicated folder. Once a Drop Box folder is created, simply share the folder's URL with your clients so they can upload files without the hassle of creating an account.

Drop Box Details

  • Non-DriveHQ Upload

    The primary function of our drop box feature is to allow non-DriveHQ members to upload content to your private folders without having to logon.

  • Secure Upload

    Users will not see data that has been uploaded to the Drop Box folder by other members. Create a password for the Drop Box to limit who can and cannot upload files to the Drop Box.

  • Unlimited Drop Boxes

    There is no limit to the number of folders you can turn into a Drop Box on your account.

  • Synced Drop Box

    Create synchronization tasks to your Drop Box folder so users can access content uploaded to the Drop Box folder from a local machine.

  • Expiration Dates

    Set expiration dates for drop box folders so that the folder is not accessible for longer than you want it to be.

  • Setting Notifications

    Assign particular email addresses to receive notifications when files are uploaded to the Drop Box.

  • Website Integration

    Integrate the Drop Box upload page directly onto your website so you do not have to send a link to DriveHQ.