Features - CameraFTP

CameraFTP Cloud Surveillance and Recording Service

CameraFTP is a subsidiary of DriveHQ. It offers the leading cloud surveillance and storage service at a very low price.

You can use any IP camera, webcam, smart phone or tablet as a security camera. The recorded data is uploaded to CameraFTP's secure cloud storage. You can view footage at any time from CameraFTP.com website or CameraFTP Viewer apps.

About CameraFTP

  • Off-Site Protection

    Even if your camera and computer are destroyed by a fire or natural disaster, your footage is securly stored on our offsite servers.

  • Viewing Footage

    You can view or download footage at anytime by logging on from a web browser or from our mobile applications. Footage will be automatically purged according to your retention period

  • Instant Security Surveillance

    You can save time and money on convoluted and costly security systems by turning your webcam or mobile device into a dedicated security camera. Simply install our mobile apps and get started

  • Secure Camera Admin

    Our two-layered protection for deleting footage makes it impossible for intruders to delete footage from your CameraFTP account, even if your account is open and logged-on

  • Sharing and Publishing Cameras

    Share a camera with employees, friends or family by entering the email addresses for those you want to have access. You can also publish a camera so that it can be accessed via a public URL.

  • FTP Accessibility

    If you have footage that you want to download locally, you can use a third party FTP client to directly access your CameraFTP content.