Features - Cloud Storage

High-end Enterprise Online File Storage

DriveHQ Offers High-end Enterprise Cloud Storage

Not all cloud storage services are alike. DriveHQ's cloud storage service is optimized for businesses. It has tons of high-end cloud storage features. While our storage price is not cheap for low-level plans, if you need a lot of storage space, our price is much lower than other cloud providers. Moreover, unlike other Cloud services, we don't over charge enterprise customers, and we don't charge for bandwidth and server requests.

Web-based cloud file storage

Cloud Storage Features

  • Cloud Drive Mapping

    You can map DriveHQ cloud storage as a local drive. Most other companies can only offer browser-based or folder sync based cloud storage. Cloud drive mapping is the easiest and most straight-forward way of accessing cloud storage.

  • Web-based File Management Tool and DriveHQ FileManager Client

    You can manage your Cloud files and users/groups from anywhere with a web browser. Moreover, DriveHQ offers a great client program - DriveHQ FileManager, which has a similar interface to Windows Explorer and FTP client. It is seamlessly integrated with our cloud service, allowing you to easily and more efficiently manage your cloud files/folders than any browser-based solutions.

  • Super-fast Data Transfer

    It is virtually impossible to upload large amount of data (e.g. 1TB) with a browser-based cloud storage service. DriveHQ also offers much faster and more reliable tools such as: WebDAV Cloud Drive Mapping, FTP Client and DriveHQ FileManager. If you have more than 100GB of data, FTP is a reliable and extremely popular file transfering method. DriveHQ FileManager works even better than FTP, in many cases, the upload/download speed is over 3 times faster than FTP!

  • Integrated Group File Sharing

    Easily share your cloud files/folders with your team members and external clients.

  • Mobile Cloud Storage & Mobile Access

    You can access DriveHQ cloud storage from anywhere on any devices; moreover, you can use DriveHQ FileManager client App to automatically back up files on your mobile devices. FileManager mobile is available on iOS, Android, Windows Store and Windows mobile.

  • Data Backup & Redundancy

    DriveHQ has many advanced technologies to protect your data. We use redundant sets of high-end RAID systems; your data has many layers of protection. We offer 99.99% uptime guarantee.

  • Low-Cost Enterprise Cloud Storage

    For consumers, our price starts at $4/mo; for businesses, our price starts at only $4/user/month. If you need a lot of cloud storage space, our price can be extremely low at only $50/TB/mo. Because we usually don't charge bandwidth and server requests, our real price is even lower than other cloud services!