Features - Cloud Backup

Cloud File Backup

Whether you store files locally or in the cloud, your data needs to be protected from human errors, natural disasters and malicious activities. Cloud storage and folder synchronization are not the same as cloud backup. DriveHQ's Online Backup and Cloud-to-cloud Backup are true enterprise-level backup service that can automatically back up local data on any number of computers and selected folders in your Cloud account.

DriveHQ Online Backup

With a simple interface, DriveHQ Online Backup software can easily back up any number of Macs, PCs & servers. You can create multiple tasks to back up different folders/drives on your computers. It can back up "open" files such as Outlook .pst files, Quickbooks and other database or email files. IT managers can monitor and manage all tasks online from the Group Backup tool.

Cloud-to-cloud Backup

DriveHQ cloud storage is extremely secure and reliable, however, data loss can happen in certain special cases, e.g.: an employee may accidentally or maliciously delete your files; your computer could be infected with ransomware and corrupted data is synced to the cloud. Our Cloud-to-cloud Backup service can protect your cloud files. You can easily restore all files to a particular date. Read More

Complete Backup Guide Download DriveHQ Online Backup Software Manual

More Details

  • Better Protection

    DriveHQ's Online Backup client software automatically backs up your data to our secure and reliable servers. Our data centers have 24/7 onsite security and surveillance, and uses multiple layers of redundancy to ensure the best security for your content.

  • Set and Forget

    Once DriveHQ's Online Backup client software has been installed, it will run in the background automatically. Therefore, it can backup your data even if no one is logged onto the computer.

  • Scheduled or Real-time Backup

    Create scheduled backup tasks that run throughout the day or backup your files in real time as soon as a document is updated. There is no limit to the number of tasks you can setup

  • Unlimited Machines

    Backup an unlimited number of machines with DriveHQ's free Online Backup client software.

  • Task Flexibility

    Create different tasks for different computers, restore files on a new PC, or migrate tasks to an old PC. There are no limitations with our service.

  • File Versioning

    Save up to 100 file versions to restore files in the event of an accidental deletion or overwrite.

  • Incremental Backup

    With incremental backup, our Online Backup client software will only backup files that have been changed, saving both time and storage space. It will also compress data for better upload/download speeds and has magic upload technology so that existing tasks run even more quickly.

  • Complete Privacy

    DriveHQ's service is designed with enterprise-level security in order to meet business and government agency requirements. Our client software supports HTTPS/SSL, protecting your data during transmission and client side encryption, therefore no one (not even DriveHQ employees) can access your files without this secure, encryption key.

  • Backup IP Cameras and DVRs

    Security cameras / DVRs are not secure unless they record to the Cloud. Otherwise, intruders can easily steal your cameras and you won't have any evidence. DriveHQ's CameraFTP subsidiary is a leading Cloud Surveillance service provider. It offers Cloud-based FTP storage to IP cameras and DVRs. You can also use a Webcam as a security camera. By recording to the Cloud, intruders cannot delete your recorded footage, and you will be able to view or play back the recorded footage from anywhere.

    Leading Cloud Surveillance service