Online File Server

The Center of your Cloud Suite

Our remote file server technology is at work making sure there is no conflict when opening, editing and sharing files; whether you/your users are utilizing FTP, WebDAV, FileManager, or a web browser to access DriveHQ

Web-based cloud file storage


  • Drag-n-drop Transfer

    Drag files directly to and from DriveHQ and maintain the same structure.

  • Group Sharing

    Easily share your material with other users within your organization. Specify what files you want to share with which users, and with control over the permission levels.

  • Universal Access

    Map a drive with our WebDAV tool, use FileManager to directly access content, or download our mobile apps for when you're on the go.

  • No Duplicating

    Users have access to a central file system; eliminate the hassle of creating multiple copies of the same data when sharing from one account to another.

  • Web Remote Access

    Don't want to install our client software or use an FTP service? No Problem. You can access your files from anywhere using a web browser.

  • Multi-Folder Synchronization

    Synchronize any number of local folders with remote folders using one or two-way sync tasks.