Why should you refer your friends?

  • It helps you and your friends better utilize all the features available on DriveHQ.com. With your friends, you can create a community file-sharing repository and a community BBS.
  • For any product or service orders made by your friends you referred, you get reward points.

How to refer a friend?

  • Refer a friend is really easy. All you need to do is to email this link to your friend:
      https://www.drivehq.com/secure/signup.aspx?refID=YourCustomerID .
    Or click here to refer a friend.
    To find out your CustomerID, please log on and click on my account.
  • If you refer your friends, and if they sign up accounts on DriveHQ.com. Then you will receive 6 points for every dollar they spend on DriveHQ.com for the first year. You will receive $1 for every 100 points, which will be credited to your account as the "cash balance". You can use it to buy any products and services we offer on DriveHQ.com. If your reward exceeds $100, we can even mail you a check at your request!
  • Your reward points will be credited in the end of every month for orders made 30 days ago.
  • DriveHQ reserves the right to change the plan in the future without notice.

Best practice to refer a friend

  • Please do not spam. You should only contact those friends who might be interested in signing up a new account. The best way is to upload your nice photos and contents, then share those contents with them (or you can also create your own community BBS and start some discussion topics.) In your share invitation/notification email, please include your member-specific referral URL and ask them to sign up.
  • You are responsible for your referral activities. DriveHQ does not assume any responsibility / liability resulted from your behavior.