From here, you can: view and update your account profile; view your account transaction history; activate and create your personal website; subscribe to our services and become a "Paid User".

View and Update Account Details

Log on to and click on "My Account". The page displays your account profile info. You can update your profile at any time. Please note, your username cannot be updated; also the email must be real and unique.

Similar to new user registration, changing your email address requires a verification process. After you've changed your email, the system will send a verification email to your email address registered with DriveHQ. Please click on the link to confirm the changes.

Transaction History

Click on "Transaction History" in "My Account" page, you will have access to the transaction history, sales history and order history. If you are a regular free user and have neither purchased anything nor accessed any fee-based contents, you will have nothing to show in this section. If you purchased anything or accessed some fee-based contents, then you can see your order history.

For content providers, you can check how many people have downloaded the contents you created. You can check your "Sales History" for your "business" performance.

Account Balance

You can check your total number of files, total storage usage, free storage space, account cash balance, etc. from the "Account Balance" page. Just click on the "Account Balance" link from the "My Account" page.

You can also deposit money into your account from this page. Please note, money deposited in to this account is still yours. You can use it to purchase products and services, downloading fee-based contents, or withdraw it later.

If you are a vendor or a content provider, and you have generated some sales revenue on, you can check the balance and withdraw money from this account. You might also generate commission through our referral program. A list of users you referred is displayed in this page as well.


While most of users might be satisfied with our free services, we do try our best to meet different demands. In case you need more storage space than 30MB, or if you have a heavy-traffic website, you need to subscribe to our storage subscription service. The service charge is very low: for 99 cents per month, you get 50MB storage space.

We are trying very hard to serve you, to make you happy, if you have any questions, recommendations, please feel free to email

If you represent an organization, or if you have a group of people interested in our services or want to do business with us, please email