You can post ads and sell products / services on

Any member can create a list of products that he wants to sell. Log on to DriveHQ , click on "ADVANCED" and click on "Classified", then click on "My Products", and then click on "Add/Edit My Product", fill in the new product form and click submit.

You can create an Ads for the product; however posting the ads for Public Search requires you to be a "True User" or a "Paid User". If you want to sell products online using our shopping cart and payment engine, you need to become an authorized "Vendor" user. Please email

Build Your Own Store

If you are a small vendor, you can create your own web e-store. To do that, you need:

  • Become a "True User", "Paid User" or "Vendor User", dependent on your site traffic and if you want to utilize our shopping cart and payment engine;
  • Activate your "Homepage";
  • Create your own store front web pages and upload the pages to using DriveHQ Uploader. provides Shopping Cart and Payment gateways. We can also do some customization work for you if needed.


DriveHQ is continuously looking for oppertunities to expand our services and partnership with small and large businesses. Please send your inquiries to