My Storage

   The best place to Store and Share files on line; better, easier and more powerful than FTP or Email.
  • Easily upload and store any type of files online with familiar Windows Explorer interface;
  • Free up to 1GB online storage space that is accessible from anywhere, anytime.
  • Advanced access control system adapted for business use.
  • Membership is free, so why not register a new account now?
You will get 1GB FREE storage space, lots of great features and top-quality client software. If you need more storage space, you can subscribe to our low-cost subscription service.


  DriveHQ provides the most powerful and flexible sharing engine. You can share different folders to different friends with different permissions; sharing to non-members are also supported.


   Want to publish your work online? You've found the right place. Whether it's an article, a joke, some nice photos or a piece of good software code, you can publish it on

   DriveHQ also has many featured content providers. Their work can be found in the "Published Files & Folders" section. We encourage members to publish nice contents to share with others.

Websites enables you to create your own website on the Internet. It's very easy and it's free! To publish a website, you must be a Paid Member or True Member. If you are a Paid or True member, your website is published automatically.

  You can create your website using any web-authoring tool that you like, and then upload the files to your "wwwhome" folder on; or you can choose from any of our web templates.

  DriveHQ provides advanced features for business website hosting. You can specify your own WWW domain name and email domain name



   Emails, Contacts and Forums

   When you register a new account on and order a service, you automatically receive an email account:  The maximum message box size is combined with your file storage size. Also, your email service is integrated with DriveHQ storage service, so you can easily attach server files or save email attachments to your DriveHQ folder.

  • Free web-based email account with up to 1GB combined storage space;
  • Send messages to email accounts or DriveHQ members;
  • Schedule messages to be sent in future (TBD);
  • Create your personal contact lists and contact groups;
  • Participate in our public BBS discussion board;
  • what's more, you can even create and manage your own BBS with your group of friends.


   In addition to search through classified advertisements, users can enter their products info and create advertisements. An ads doesn't have to be related with a product. If you regularly have products or services for sell, you can create your own store and have it hosted on It's easy and you can do it all by yourself (Please see Published Contents section). To help small vendors to build their online stores, provides a powerful shopping cart engine and accepts several payment methods.