DriveHQ FileManager for Windows Mobile (Phone) Screenshots

DriveHQ FileManager for Windows Mobile (Phone) is an enterprise cloud storage app with many high-end business features. It can manage DriveHQ cloud storage (file server), allowing users to View, Manage, Share, Publish and Back up files from anywhere at any time.

DriveHQ FileManager for Windows Mobile (Phone) is not a standalone app. It is offered as a part of DriveHQ's very broad Cloud IT solution. DriveHQ is a leading Enterprise Cloud IT service provider. Our services include: Cloud File Server with Drive Mapping Tool; DriveHQ FileManager, DriveHQ Online Backup, FTP, Email and Web Hosting, etc.

DriveHQ FileManager for Windows Mobile (Phone) Main screen (showing cloud files):
  • There are 3 tabs on top: Cloud Storage, Shared to Me and Image Sync.
  • There is a toolbar at the bottom; and a settings button links to the Settings and Account Profile screen;
Show folders shared to me by other users.
  • If a user shared a folder to you, the username will be displayed in the "Shared to me" tab.
  • This is a virtual root folder. To remove a folder (username) here, the user must stop sharing folders with you.
Display folders shared to me by different users with different permissions
  • A user can share folders to different users with different permissions.
  • You can access folders shared to you at: \\USERNAME\SHARENAME.
The toolbar showing New, Upload, Thumb and Settings
  • You can create new folders; upload image files; display image thumbnails;
  • You can tap settings to go to the account profile and app settings page.
Upload photos
  • You can upload from the existing photo album.
  • You can upload a new camera image.
Show Image
  • Preview images, show detailed image info.
  • View original image, zoom in or out, or download the image
View image in full screen mode / slide mode.
  • You can view images in full-screen mode.
  • You can zoom in / out.
  • You can swipe to view next / previous image.
View images in the thumbnail mode
  • You can view many images in the thumbnail mode.
  • You can open an image, zoom in/out, or download it.
Synchronize / backup images to the cloud
  • You can automatically synchronize all images to the cloud.
  • You can set a two-way sync, or one-way sync (local-to-server or server-to-local).
Share / Publish Folders
  • You can share a folder to different users/subgroups with different permissions.
  • You can publish a folder to create static links/URLs.
The "About FileManager" screen
  • Account profile, service introduction, account balance
  • Watch DriveHQ service introduction video.