FileManager for Mac 2.2 Screenshots

DriveHQ FileManager for Mac main screen
DriveHQ FileManager for Mac Main screen with 3 panes:
  • The Cloud Storage pane displaying files/folders in the Cloud;
  • The Local Storage pane displaying local files/folders;
  • The Task Management pane displaying files being transferred.
Get & display folder/file info
Show (right click) pop-up menu with
  • Copy the selected folder.
  • Upload the selected folder.
  • Share/Publish the selected folder.
Select a cloud folder (or create a new folder).
  • You can select a folder to upload, share or publish
  • You can then select (create) a cloud folder to upload to.
Share files/folders with your users
  • You can share cloud/local files with friends; you can set a permission level.
  • You can share a folder multiple times with different permissions.
  • You can share a folder to sub-groups and contact groups.
Edit Share.
  • You can manage/edit shares.
  • You can share a folder to more users, or share a folder again with a new share name.
Publish a Folder
  • You can select a folder and publish it.
  • Published folders/files can be accessed with static URLs.
Account Options
  • Manage account profile and options; check account balances change passwords, etc.
  • Manage subscriptions, set folder/system options; manage group account.