15 Feb

Dropcam Exposed

Over the past few months, Dropcam, the Wi-Fi camera has received notable attention from tech reviewers. Many of these reviews are superficial and do not truly reveal the limitations. Read our analysis if you want to know what you're really paying for.

1 Feb

Egnyting User Frustration

Egnyte surely has people talking. though what they are saying has nothing to do with how impressed they are by the hybrid cloud provider. Users have reported that Egnyte has inflicted 50-600% price increases with very little time left to plan migrations. See what DriveHQ is doing to help users affected by Egnyting pricing changes.

17 Jan

Becoming a DriveHQ Reseller

DriveHQ offers a wider variety of reseller solutions with a profit margin far beyond that of most cloud service providers. Learn more about our reseller opportunities, and contact a DriveHQ cloud specialist today to see what your potential profit margin as a reseller could be.

5 Jan

Box Is Off The Deep End

Though they have claimed to be the best enterprise cloud solution for many years, Box's enterprise pricing has been a mystery to the public. Well the popular cloud provider has just made these prices visible to the public; and they are indeed quite the spectacle.

29 Dec

The Cloud Storage Bubble

Many VC companies will be profoundly disappointed when they discover that when it comes to the Cloud Storage Industry, there will be no winner takes all. What's worse is the bubble that has formed as a result of the madness over something as simple as cloud storage.

19 Dec

Never-ending Funding Cycles

Cloud storage providers Dropbox and Box have each now undergone serveral rounds of VC funding, making the average user curious as to if either of these multi-billion dollar valuated cloud giants will ever be able to stand on their own feet. We at DriveHQ pride ourselves on having been both privately funded and profitable for nearly a decade.

4 Dec

Plights of Dropbox For Business

With their new attempts to receive an additional $250 million dollars in funding, Dropbox is claiming big changes to come for business users; though their new Dropbox for Business doesn't seem to have the functionality or manageability users were looking for.