21 Nov

DriveHQ Encryption

Cloud Computing has continually evolved over the past few years and many businesses are realizing that they must ditch their local servers and switch to remote. However businesses owners are often skeptical to make the change to the cloud because there seems to be this sense of mystery with what actually happens to your data when it is sent online.

10 Nov

Joining The DriveHQ Team

Within the past 2 years, the DriveHQ team has doubled in size, and doesn't plan on slowing down. Please refer to our about page to see what job positions are available. If you are interested in joining a team that was a pioneer in the cloud industry, then please send us an email or visit DriveHQ Jobs Page before sending your resume

1 Nov

The End Of Nirvanix

Nirvanix announced on September 28th that they are shutting down their cloud services. Giving users only 2 weeks to transfer petabytes of data in some cases. Allow DriveHQ to help restore your faith in the world of the cloud. Every affected Nirvanix user will receive a 50% discount plus assistance in migrated your data.

20 Oct

Cloud Wars 2: CarboNOT

Carbonite is a cloud backup service that like Dropbox has made quite the name for themselves through marketing innovations. It must be understood that Carbonite is solely a backup provider; they do not offer features like storage, ftp/email/web hosting...

11 Oct

Drop The Dropbox

Many people sign up for an account with Dropbox without looking into other services. This is largely due to their popular referral program. We simply want to inspire users to take a closer look at what they are getting and what they could get from a cloud provider.

2 Oct

DriveHQ is Turning 10

Many people fail to realize that we were providing cloud solutions several years before Droubox and many of the other could giants our there. We have fallen in the shadows of these marketing innovators, and are ready to make noise about our advanced technologies.

30 Sep

Security Made Easy

Security surveillance systems such as ADT can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars to install, setup and maintain. What’s more, such companies will also require a multi-year-contract giving you no way out in the forseeable future. CameraFTP offers simple and inexpensive cloud surveillance and monitoring services without any contract obligation.