CameraFTP With DVR Systems

Since CameraFTP started providing cloud surveillance and monitoring services in 2012, we have heard numerous times from larger users that they are interested in setting up DVR systems with CameraFTP. Digital video recorders can play a very important role for IT admins or home owners that have a higher number of cameras, and in many cases cameras in various locations.

In initial testing, the one true hurdle that presented itself when dealing with DVRs for cloud recording had to do with the inability to distinguish between ftp folder paths. Older DVRs that do not support this feature do not have the ability to separate the camera footage feeds, which results in one unorganized upload feed on CameraFTP.

This being said, sources from WebFTP and CCTV Camera Pros report: it's very likely that if you've bought a digital CCTV system in the last 5 years, it can already send stills and possibly video to an FTP server.

If you watch the above video, you will see an example of how to setup a standard CCTV DVR system with an FTP provider. When connecting with CameraFTP, you simply have to enter our host name ( or along with your CameraFTP username and password. You can use our 72-hour trial period to test your own DVR system to ensure it is compatible. Please contact a CameraFTP cloud specialist today to learn more about our monitoring and surveillance features.

If you have an older DVR device that you know has a restriction when it comes to Camera folder names, please follow the steps outlined in our default naming solution. This will allow you distinguish specific camera paths simply within the username section.

Dont let out-dated systems get in the way of guarding yourself with the best possible security practices!