DriveHQ is Going International

Though DriveHQ has been around for more than a decade, and has a large user percentage that is based outside the US, we have not supported any international versions beyond English. As the US cloud market becomes increasingly saturated, we, along with many other providers, are making extreme efforts to bring cloud services to a different breed of users.

With ten years of service behind us, we have a lot of ground to cover as we create these international versions. In addition to our available webpages, our localization will be applied towards all software, enterprise and email templates. Broadening our international functionality will also greatly improve our available options for resellers; as they will now be able to interchange between available templates for customers in specific markets.

Having such experience in the industry, IT admins will often ask us why we have not already taken the steps to implement other languages – especially since we have such a large non-US user base. The answer is the same as why we have not spent millions on extravagant promotions to build hype; we find it more important to focus creating enterprise features and strengthening our technology. With that said, we understand the growth of the industry, and the effect it has had on the way businesses run around the world. It is now our goal to bring a true enterprise cloud solution to every corner of the globe.

If all goes as planned, we will first target French, Spanish, German, and Chinese localization; with Japanese, Hindi, Russian, and Italian following closely behind. The first round of these localizations could be available as soon as early January. As our team works with our localization specialists, we will depend on our current users to spread the word and give insight to the changes that they would like to see in upcoming months.

A common concern of many international users choosing a US-based cloud provider has to do with the speed inefficiencies that often accompany such a distance. This is primarily due to the fact that providers will usually either have small, ineffective data centers, or use a separate computing provider such as Dropbox with AWS to manage its data. DriveHQ has the perk of avoiding such concern due to our advanced data centers being co-located with Hurricane Electrics powerful network.