17 Mar

What To Know Before Choosing A Cloud Provider

With eleven years of providing cloud solutions under our belt, DriveHQ has seen and heard just about every cloud requirement you can think of. Read about what you should know before searching for a cloud provider.

12 Mar

Cloud Innovation: A Break From The Trend

In recent months we have seen the trend of the cloud storage price industry move in a "free storage" approach, as providers centralize their focus on enterprise services, quickly seeing a loss of profits for consumer service. DriveHQ, on the other hand, was one of few cloud providers that has been focused on providing services since the beginning; and it doesn't hurt that our beginning was a number of years before our competitors.

8 Mar

Creating a Backup Solution

No organization is truly secure without a dedicated backup solutions. In this "How To" blog, we will walk you through the steps of creating an enterprise cloud backup solution with DriveHQ.

4 Mar

DriveHQ is Going Multilingual

Though we are eleven years old, DriveHQ has remained relatively small, largely due to our decision to remain privately funding. Well watch out world, because changes are a'comin, and DriveHQ is going international.

24 Feb

How To Publish Your Website

As an enterprise cloud solution provider, bringing organizations top-quality group management/collaboration capabilities is of top proiority. In fact, our high-end cloud technologies are all built with the experience of both the group admin and the end user in mind.