Never believe a company who offers you "unlimited storage". It is just a marketing trick!

It has catches, hidden costs and restrictions! It is limited to consumers, and it is limited to one computer & one account only. For businesses, it has a much higher price! With DriveHQ, you can actually upload more data at a lower price.

With regular Internet connections such as ADSL, Cable Modem or T1, your upload bandwidth is only 384Kbps to 1.5Mbps. At the max upload speed, you can only upload about 4-15GB/day. To upload 450GB of data, it will take at least 30 days to 112 days. In a real world, dependent on your location, it could easily take 2-3 times longer!

If you are like most of other users, you don't need unlimited storage. You don't need to upload huge files (e.g video files, system files and program files) online. With thousands of photos and documents, you only need 2 to 10 GB storage. Why pay for "unlimited storage" when you can never upload unlimited data? Plus, "unlimited storage" is a marketing trick. You will never get too much storage space, not to mention “unlimited”:

  • Storage and related infrastructure cost is quite high, so the provider is betting on that you only have a few gigabytes of data.
  • They always have a “fair use” term. If your usage is getting too high, your upload speed will degrade until you cannot feasibly upload more data or they start charging you for a much higher price.
  • They don’t support external drives, network drives or servers. Otherwise, you could potentially backup multiple computers using one computer / one account.
  • If you have 100s of gigabytes of data, it is virtually impossible to upload that much data using a regular broadband Internet connection. It will take many weeks, and your Internet connection will be boggled down during the time.
  • You cannot ship an external drive and ask them to upload files for you, because they want to make it hard for you to upload too much data.

If you do need a huge amount of storage space, just call or email us. We are committed to beat any competitor's price for the same class of service. We can upload your data from our datacenter, which is many times faster!