Service Pricing

DriveHQ has more and better features than other Cloud Storage services. Our features include Cloud File Server, WebDAV Drive Mapping, FTP/Email/Web Hosting, Online File Backup, Sharing and Collaboration, etc. For more details, please visit the Feature Comparison page and Price Comparison Page.

Basic Service

FREE 5GB cloud storage + 1 subuser license for personal use or enterprise trial only


Personal Plans

Low-cost cloud file storage, backup, sharing and web hosting for personal use only

From $4/mo

Enterprise Plans

$1/user/month plus storage fee. Flexible pricing based on number of users & storage space.

From $14/mo for 5 users

Enterprise Ultimate

All enterprise features and huge amount of storage. Pricing based on number of users.

$4 to $8/user/mo

Service Plans Plan Details Monthly Price Yearly Price
Free service Free 5 GB personal storage and 1 sub-user license. Limited to personal use and free business trial.
Personal Plans: 1 main account and 1 sub-account, as low as $4/month. NO business use allowed.
Enterprise Plans: 99.99% uptime. Very broad features. Optimized for businesses with many users and little data.
Enterprise Ultimate Plans: 99.99% uptime. Minimum 20 users. As low as $4/user/month. Optimized for businesses with a lot of data.
Add-on Services: Storage, Bandwidth, CDN, User Licenses, Customization
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